Friday, October 23, 2009

Next: Two Blouses

I don't understand this mystery of the universe: every time I do my seasonal closet changeover, I discover some of my clothes have mysteriously disappeared. I usually toss out a few things when I put away off-season clothes, but I'm convinced some things just evaporate when I open the vacuum-sealed space saver bags. I feel like I have no fall/winter clothes and I'm desperate to replace the clothes that have vanished. I've already bought a few things. Now, I'm going to be sewing like a fiend for the next several days. Rain is forecast this weekend and I have to stay home and wait for a repairman on Saturday, so I should be able to accomplish a lot.
First in the queue is Kwik Sew 3586. I've made this blouse once before, so I consider it a TNT. Even if it weren't a TNT, Kwik Sew patterns really are kwik to sew and have no interesting design details to slow me down. At this point, my goal is to have blouses, not a meaningful sewing experience. For the meaningful sewing experience, I'll work on BWOF 06-09-136, a classic long sleeved blouse - BWOF style. The distinctive design detail is the collar. Somehow, BWOF patterns take a simple detail, like a stand up collar and make it a little different. In this case, the front bands extend up to the top of the collar instead of stopping at the attachment seam. I'm not totally sure I even like this treatment. It looks a little weird to me.

I prefer to make outfits, not individual pieces but I just finished black pants that can be worn with these blouses. Once these blouses are finished and my wardrobe crisis is minimized, I can go back to working on the meaningful outfits that offer opportunities for growth and learning.


  1. I love the Burda; the neckline makes it a standout.

  2. Pretty tops, and the same thing happens in my closet, too.

  3. I like the Burda as well. I think you should try it. You may find that you like it. Lovely fabric choices!

    Barbara Travis
    Owner/Sr.Designer Travis Treasure Box

  4. Thank you for the wonderful complement on my jacket!
    P.S. Did you take home ec with Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Keeley at EFA?

  5. Pretty blouses. Yes, now as I try to dress for this cooler weather, it seems I have no clothes in my closet. what was I wearing last year? I think I really need to get a LOT of sewing done.