Sunday, December 27, 2009

What's Going On?

Burda. Babe. What's up with the web site(s)? Cidell, a fellow Burdaphile Blogger once referred to "BWOF" as "BWTF". Of course, it's not even "BWOF" now – technically, it's "BS" – and both sentiments fit.

Every month, I make index pages of the plus size patterns in Burda Magazine and add them to a binder I maintain. By the end of December I'd been trying to make my January Burda index pages for weeks - but where was the January preview? Certainly not on the familiar Burda website. Eventually, I found a preview by following a link on The Selfish Seamstress Blog. But it's … different. And I like … same. Here's the way I want it to be. I want to go to the old, familiar BWOF website and browse through the current fashion photographs and technical drawings, transfer the photographs and technical drawings to my index pages, then add the pages to my index binder. I don't think I'm asking for too much. For January's index, I had to serendipitously happen upon a link to the January issue, ignore read German (a language I FAILED in college, by the way – but that's another rant) before transferring the images to my index. And if all that weren't enough to deal with - one technical drawing did not even match the fashion photograph.

Yet, I have faith. Eventually, the website will complete it's metamorphosis and I will be able to do things my way again. In spite of my ranting and raving, I still love sewing BS ("sewing BS" – that sounds kinda funny!). But, why do things have to change? It's so hard for an old dog like me to learn new tricks.


  1. Aaah! I feel your pain!! I don't read German, so navigating the new website has me all in a swither. I want my old, comfy BWOF back!!

  2. It's a pita to say the least. Unfortunately, BS is very apt at the moment, as is BWTF. I miss the old site too. Hopefully they will fix it soon. Unfortunately, if the magazine is any indication it may not be to our liking regardless. I miss being able to get a better view of the clothing on the website, especially since the more the magazine tries to look like a fashion magazine the harder it is to actually see the clothing.

  3. Any chance to making those index pages available to the plus size sewing public?

  4. I think it's interesting that they finally have so many of us in North America buying and sewing from the magazine and the English language website is the last to be fixed!

  5. Well - talking about the re structuring of the web page - feel lucky that they haven't gone thru with it yet for th US... In Germany - the archive of old issues has been moved to a completely different place - just think of all the blogs who have used links to BWTF for pattern reviews - which no all point to nowhere.... Plus - there was a blogging and a chat facility on the German web page - both ar now gone without any advanced information...