Friday, June 1, 2007

Alice Cooper Must Have Been a Teacher

I’m not a fan of most rock music However, I can identify with the passion and enthusiasm of Alice Cooper’s “School's Out!” I’m convinced he must have been a teacher at some point in his life. As I tore May off my desk calendar, I realized I have less than 3 weeks - 13 work days- until school is out. I still love the field of Speech-Language Pathology. I enjoy attending conferences and learning about new research and techniques. But working in a large urban school district is more challenging than most non-teachers imagine. 13 days! But more important than the 13 days left in the school year are the 18 days of freedom before summer school starts! I may have my daughter slide my meals under the door of the sewing room!

Here’s what I may (or may not - depending on my mood) do in those 18 days:
  1. I really want to make it to NYC Garment District. I’ve been talking about going for at least 2 years and I’m really going to try to make it this time. I’ve spoken to my sister who lives in Dutchess County and she’s agreed to meet me in NYC.
  2. I’ve got a pile of vintage patterns to go through and I have to investigate how to sell them on ebay.
  3. I’ve got some quick, crafty-fabric projects to work on.
  4. I need a white suit for church.
  5. I have to copy 2 barber smocks for my nephew.

Eighteen days won’t be enough! Even if I don’t complete half the goals on my list, I’ll enjoy having a stretch of days with no immediate demands on my time and the option of sewing all day if I choose to.


  1. That is exactly what I intend to do when my DD gets out of school, spend days sewing. She wants to learn how to sew. We will be thinking of you at the same time.

  2. I definitely understand the count down to the end of school. Although I teach in a small town, we have a large EL population and lots of low income families. I know that working in a big city is more dangerous and with NCLB, any school district is more of a challenge than most people can comprehend.