Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mission Accomplished

I liked this outfit from the first time I saw it in April 2006. It is now June 2007 and I finally have it. Talk about your delayed gratification!! This is the BWOF blouse (04/2006 #126) that gave me so much trouble. PR reviews can be seen here:


My DD finally got fed up with taking pictures for my reviews and blog posts. It didn't help that she was studying for finals when I asked her to take the picture. She grudgingly agreed to take the picture, but I experimented and discovered a set up so that I don't have to ask her to take pictures anymore. So there! (Wait until the next time she wants to borrow the car.)


  1. Looks cool and fun! I never had a photographer. I just finally bought a cheapo tripod and now I can take pictures at all hours!

  2. Elaray - This outfit looks SO nice on you. Great job!

  3. Beautiful outfit. This is living proof that patience is a good thing.

  4. Awesome outfit.I'm going to check out that pattern.

  5. Fantastic outfit and great fabric! The colors are perfect for summer.