Monday, June 18, 2007

Old Maid Project

Several months ago, I bought a piece of turquoise poplin to use for test pants. The plan was to completely sew a pair of pants without making any pattern adjustments, then use the finished pants to assess where adjustments were needed. I'd done the same thing with a blouse. Before I had a chance to use the poplin for test pants, I started making muslins with muslin and I was able to work out most of my fitting issues. So, I was left with a piece of turquoise poplin (a color I'm not really crazy about) without an associated pattern or coordinating fabric for a top. I call this my "Old Maid" fabric.

I've matched the Old Maid with this Burda Pattern - view C - the capris. It won't matter that I don't like the color or don't have a coordinating top because I can wear the pants when I don't plan to leave the house. Although I'm not using the fabric to workout major fitting issues, I can try out some design changes. This is a good opportunity to practice a welt pocket. My inspiration comes from Erica's fantastic welt pockets on her June 11 post "White Linen Pants". Or, I could include the pouch pocket somewhere on the leg of the capris. And, I want to try an adjustment for my "prominent abdomen". Looks like this Old Maid is going to get quite a workout! I hope the old girl is up to the challenge.

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  1. thanks for the tips on the books. I haven't seen either one, but I'll look on Amazon. I know you have some awesome books, so I'll be sure to check these two out!