Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holiday Weekend, Family and Sewing

I visited my family in central New York during the holiday weekend. The weather was terrific and we did lots of fun family stuff - impromptu cookouts, child's birthday party, Shrek the Third. I saw almost all of my family members ( we missed one cousin) this trip and it was really fun.

I brought home a few sewing related projects - enough to keep me busy for a while. For my nephew who opened a barber shop, I have a curtain panel to hem and a barber smock to copy. This will be the first time I've attempted to copy garment. But it's a very simple garment and I shouldn't have any problems sewing it once I get the pieces drafted. It's a perfect first "making-a-pattern-from-a-finished-garment" project. My aunt gave me a pile of vintage patterns from the 70s and 80s in various sizes. I took them with the intention of selling them on ebay, but I know next to nothing about vintage patterns. I'll have to do some research before I put them up. I'll also have to check the contents and make sure no pieces are missing. It was strange to see pattern pieces actually cut out! The pattern's aren't in pristine condition. Who knew vintage patterns would be so popular? But, it should be fun going through them, reading the instructions, seeing if any sewing techniques have changed or improved in thirty years.
So, I've got quite a bit to do over the next few weeks. It's too bad I can't take my sewing-related tasks outside. The weather is just beginning to be consistently warmer and I won't want to spend all my free time cooped up in the sewing room. I guess I'll have to be content to sew in short spurts.


  1. You might take a peek at Threads #129 - there's an article about copying your favorite garments by Jean Haas that looks pretty straightforward. Be well.

  2. Thanks, Julia. I have that issue and I'll re-read the article.

  3. How fun to have all those vintage patterns to look through. Today is my last day with students (Until summer school begins on Monday!) I'm hoping to get more sewing done. As far as taking your work outside, I find I am doing more hand work and there's nothing better than sunlight for these old eyes!

  4. Hi! I wrote a tip at PatternReview a long time ago about making a rub off - http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/review/readreview.pl?readreview=1&ID=83

    For your smock it should not be tooooo hard to make a copy. Good luck!