Friday, June 8, 2007

BWOF Plus Spring Summer 06 402 & 406

My next project is from BWOF Plus Spring/Summer 2006. This style is not what I usually wear, but I decided it's time for me to take a baby step outside of my comfort zone. I'm using a lavender lightweight linen purchased from Candlelight Valley Fabrics for the skirt and the blouse. The pattern recommends a crinkled fabric, but that's a look I haven't been able to embrace. The way linen wrinkles, it will look crinkled enough after about 30 minutes!

The skirt has already been a bit of a challenge. When I buy fabric, I usually pay very little attention to suggested fabric amounts anymore. If I'm sewing a dress or two-piece dress, I buy 5 yards of fabric and most of the time that's enough. It wasn't that easy in the case of this outfit. This skirt looks simple, (two dots) but, being BWOF, it isn't as simple as it looks. It's lined and it has a zipper in the back in addition to the elastic waist. The ruffle on the bottom skirt is cut from a single layer and takes up quite a bit of fabric because it is two separate pieces - two different sizes. The overlay is very wide before pleating. I had to squeeze and move the pieces several times, (always keeping in mind I had to leave enough room between pieces to add seam allowances) in order to have enough left for the single layer pieces. And that pleated overlay has 16 little pleats! Whew! I suppose I could do gathers instead of pleats, but I'm hesitant to make style changes to a pattern the first time I sew it.

I'm okay with these challenges. I've learned not to rush my sewing projects. And, school is almost out (insert arm-pumping happy dance here) and I'll have plenty of time.


  1. Looks nice, and I think the linen will be nicer. Even when linen is wrinkled, it's nice. In fact, it's my favorite fabric. Looking forward to seeing it...

  2. I love this dress. It looks challenging to me because you know there is bound to be something unclear in the directions!