Sunday, June 24, 2007

Burda 8101: Name These Pants.

Quilt makers produce beautiful works of art and give their creations evocative names like Winter Window or Grandma’s Wistful Smile. Summerset Banks made a beautiful, prize winning ensemble she called American Beauty. Maybe I should start naming my creations. I’m going to start with these pants.

They started out as Old Maid Project for reasons given in a previous post. But as I worked on them, spending hours perfecting the welt pocket, I thought, "I should call these The Welt Pants". The right half of the pants have the welt pocket and are styled like chinos. The left half has a large patch pocket on the leg like cargo pants. So I thought about calling them Chin-gos or Car-nos. The pants have two vastly different personalities, and the design has no basis in fashion reality, so I thought
Elaray Off Her Meds might be appropriate. The pants have no focus and no direction -- how about just calling them Ball of Confusion? Whatever I decide to call them, they were fun to sew! (Hey -- how about Fun 2 Sew!) Knowing that they wouldn't be seen in public was liberating. I had the freedom to experiment. And who knows, I might just wear them in public.

And if irrational design changes weren't enough, I did further experimentation on these pants by I doing a new pattern adjustment. I used Sandra Betzina's adjustment for a full belly. The blue line represents that adjustment. The red line represents the adjustment I made because I wanted to raise the waistline. I know low rise pants are fashionable these days, but I refuse to wear them (I don't care what the women on What Not To Wear say). I like the way these pants fit around the midsection.

N.B. This post is intended to be tongue-in-cheek, but seriously folks, Summerset's American Beauty outfit is truly amazing!


  1. Half the fun of sewing is getting to do what ever the heck you want! :)

    And by golly, if you want welt AND cargo pockets, and a higher waistline (I'm not fond of low-rise for myself either), then so be it!

    The pants are pretty cute so I think you can wear them in public with no problem.

    Oh, and I like the name "chin-gos" - who knows, maybe you'll start a trend!

  2. Elaray. That pocket is perfect. Just perfect. I have got to step my game up.

  3. And the pants fit really, really well!

  4. lol @ chin-gos and car-nos!! I think they are cute pants! (PS: I hate low rise pants too)

  5. Elaray, Great pants. The welt pocket is perfect. I loved reading about your adventure in learning something new. Maybe someday I'll try a welt pocket, but for now I will leave that up to braver people like you.

    I know you said that you didn't like the fabric for the pants, but I love them. And isn't it cool that you get to make them the way you want!

  6. I think they look great. I'm calling them chin-gos! I'm taking a pants class on PR right now which covers welts, and I've previously taken just a welts class but never actually done one. So you've inspired me to try the welts, finally.