Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meet Sewetta

I was minding my own business.   I'd run a few Saturday morning errands  and by 1:00 PM  I was back home,  ready to relax and trace the jacket to my LBD.   The phone rang.

Ring Ring
Me:       Hello?
Karen:   Do you want to buy a sewing machine?
Me:        Hell yeah!  I'll be right there!

Well, maybe it wasn't exactly like that, but it was close.   Less than 30 minutes later, I was the proud owner of a new old sewing machine.  A thrift store on Karen's block was having a big sale and there was a lonely little Singer Touch and Sew in the back, waiting to be given a good home.   I mean, it was $30.00!  Anybody would have bought it!  Besides, if I didn't buy it, Karen would have.  I bought it to help out a friend.  I'm not starting a collection of vintage machines, although I do envy some of the vintage babies other bloggers have obtained.  I just needed a back-up machine. 

I got home and plugged her in.  The motor worked, the feed dogs moved back and forth and the needle went up and down, but she really needs to go in the shop to get the gunk cleaned out.  Plus, there's a lever that looks like it should move to the left, but doesn't.  My friend Karen to the rescue again.  She recommended a repair person who likes working on older machines.  Karen is a world-class enabler, but, as the kids say, "I ain't mad at her."  I needed a back-up machine and now I have one.


  1. Congrats on getting a new to you back up machine! I'm sure with a little TLC from the right hands that she will be churning out Burda garments in no time.

  2. LOL Good for you. I have a Singer Touch and Sew that I finally found the correct buttonholer for. I have my Viking 6010 all pretty and oiled up and it is the perfect for my toptsitiching station and if necessary a backup machine. It is certainly better than a cheap new machine; they are built so much better. Enjoy your lovely pink machine.

  3. That lever raises the throat plate (the one around the feed dogs) instead of lowering the feed dogs. Enjoy the new-to-you machine!

  4. What a find, Lee. I was just there last week and didn't see this machine, although I probably didn't need another one. Enjoy!

  5. We all need friends like Karen. congratulations on rescuing another fine machine! tha

  6. I actually didn't realize when I enabled that this is the same machine I have as a dedicated buttonholer - so now you need to search out a buttonholer attachment so you can be even better friends with your new baby.

    I'll email you the repair guy's info tomorrow.