Monday, August 23, 2010

LBD Progress Report

Second muslin without the bodice changes
Part One: The Little Black Muslin

My LBD isn't going to be so L.    According to the pattern description, this dress is "fitted".   I made the first muslin in my usual size and it was a little too "fitted"  so I went up a size.   After studying the muslin, I decided to make the bodice a little longer.

Part Two: New Attitude

I've had to change the way I sew while working on this dress.  My last several projects were cranked out in record speed.  This dress is the polar opposite.  I made two muslins, which means I traced all of the pattern pieces TWICE!   Things moved quickly once the tracing was finished.  I haven't traced the jacket yet.  I'm going to save that until the dress is completely finished.  Hopefully, working on the jacket separately will allow me to fool myself into thinking I'm working on a different project.

Part Three:  Sparkles!

I used a sparkly chiffon laid over the satin for contrast.  I love the look, but the sparkles are a bit of a pain.  Every once in a while, the glued-on glam got caught up in the feed dogs.   I'm going to give my machine a really good cleaning as soon as I finish sewing sparkles.  As a matter of fact, I'm going to do that cleaning the next time I sit down to sew.


  1. That is going to be a gorgeous LBD! Hint: slip a strip of tissue paper between the feed dog and glam fabric to keep the feed dogs from eating it.

  2. Looking good Lee!!! You are going to look hot,hot, hot!

  3. This is amazing on you and it's only the muslin! Take a good look at yourself in this dress, because even in white it's a very slimming elegant look for you. Don't hem it too long, your legs are great.

  4. Two, tracings and two muslins? Good lord either you really really want this fantastik dress or you're very very patient. It will be beautiful

  5. Did you have to make any alterations to the pattern once you cut out the bigger size?

  6. To adah: I added length to the bodice after I made the muslin. The muslin as shown has no alterations.

  7. This is looking very good, Lee. I really like the sparkly overlay and can't wait to see the finished dress.

  8. Kudos to you for wanting to get the dress just right. It's important for the very special projects. And in the end you'll be overjoyed with the results.

    The fabric and style are a perfect match. Tell us more.

  9. Oh, this is looking really good! Such an elegant style and you're pulling this off, even in a muslin. Do take your time - this is one of those dresses you could keep in your closet a long time, and pull it out whenever you need it and it will still look great. I've used that organza stuff with the sparkles before - it's annoying, but it does add a nice touch to the garment.