Friday, August 13, 2010

Finished: BWOF 03-07-129 and Cutting Table

Blouse:  BWOF 03-07-129
This is another TNT blouse.  A year ago, I didn't have any pattern I considered a TNT.  Now I have at least three.

I had another opportunity to use Kenneth King's  curved seam technique.  I love this technique. I also used the collar technique demonstrated on the Threads Insider Techniques DVD.  I love that technique, too.  Since I've made this blouse twice before, the blouse construction was straightforward.  I truly see the advantage of a TNT pattern.  Now, I am a believer.  The fabric is a linen/poly blend (bought during Philly PR Weekend) with the look of linen but none of the tendency to wrinkle. The only alteration I made was to lengthen the blouse.  Currently, this is an old maid blouse – I didn't make pants to wear with it.  I have enough black or tan pants to wear with this blouse.

Cutting Table
While my DD was home, I had to take down my cutting table for one night to accommodate an overnight guest.   Since DD was recovering from surgery, she couldn't help with the lifting the table requires.  After DD and guest left,  I struggled to put the table back together all by myself and I realized I had to make some changes.  I put the problem in the "To Be Solved" lobe of my brain and waited for inspiration.  The solution came in a flash!

Changing the leg assembly from this:

to this:

made it possible to assemble the legs independently of the table top, position them over the bed and finally attach the table top.  The task is still unwieldy, but I can do it by myself!


  1. That certainly looks like a great TNT blouse pattern, it fits your perfectly!

  2. Aren't TNTs wonderful? and congrats on the solution to your cutting table issue--quiet inventive!

  3. The blouses looks great. It's so wonderful to be able to use expert technique in your sewing projects. TNT's are great to have. Like you, recently I've built a battery of TNT's that make building the wardrobe easier.

    God bless your DD in her recovery.

  4. I really like this blouse. The lines look fantastic on you. Great job solving the cutting table issues and I hope your dd has a speedy recovery.

  5. The blouse looks great! Thank you so much for the cyberhugs—I need them!

  6. Very clever! Smart solution to the table problem.

    Great TNT blouse - at least you can pull this one out and get it done up quickly if needed.

  7. The blouse fits beautifully. It's a great basic to build on if you want.

  8. A girl can't have too many blouses, or for that matter, TNTs! I have a couple of blouse TNTs too. Very nice.

  9. TNT's are great! Aren't you glad you've got 3.

  10. nice top - it's good to have a TNT. That style is one of my favorites. and BTW, I have a few projects I could have you come over and help me solve ;-)