Monday, August 9, 2010

The Blouse, The Skirt and The Table

I'm so glad I used red for this outfit.  The color keeps the outfit from being too matronly.   I used a nice breathable cotton for the blouse and linen for the skirt.  It will be perfect for summer Sundays in church.

The Blouse:  BWOF 04-06-126
I've made this blouse twice in three weeks and there isn't much more to say about it. After reading Kenneth King's article on treacherous curves on the Threads website,  I applied the techniques to the curved seams on the collar and collar stand.  The method made joining the curves much easier.  After I saw King's article, I checked a few of my sewing books and found the same information there.  I really need to spend more time with my sewing books.  I'm missing  lots of useful information.

The Skirt:  BWOF 09-06-135
The skirt is a wardrobe staple - a six gore skirt.  The recommended fabric was wool but it worked well in linen.   The instructions called for a lining and I included one in my linen version so I wouldn't have to wear a slip. (They are so uncomfortable in the summer!)  The last time I lined a skirt, I somehow got the zipper opening on the wrong side and I had to cut another lining. This time I marked the front and back with chalk and double checked the position before sewing in the lining.  This is a classic skirt and I don't know why I took me almost four years to make it.  It is destined to become a TNT pattern.

The Table
My next sewing project doesn't involve fabric.   I've been very happy with the cutting table I designed and built.   I designed the table to straddle the bed in the sewing room and to be disassembled when the bed was needed for a guest.  My design had a major flaw:   taking the table down and putting it back up was a big headache.  It is difficult even with two people.   I came up with an alternative design and I'll be working on another prototype.  For the next few days, I will be working with wood at the same time I'm working with fabric.  Hopefully, I'll have a new and improved cutting table by the time I finish the blouse I'll be sewing.


  1. Looking good - love that red! Just right for summer church, like you said.

  2. I love, love, love this blouse. The print is gorgeous. I used to really dislike linen, but it's starting to grow on me. I've made this skirt a few times and I agree about it being a staple. A great outfit you've created here.

  3. Very pretty outfit, I like the red and the geometric design of the blouse fabric. Good luck on your table.