Friday, October 19, 2007

The Senior Snowball Gown - Pt. 2

The muslin for DD's gown is finished. Actually, it was finished a few days ago, but she didn't have time to try it on. I thought I might have to trace and cut size 8, but I think the 10 is good. I wanted to photograph the back because I wanted to show how it was gaping and ask for help in solving the problem. But DD would not allow that because her bra strap showed, and she didn't want to be seen in her underwear online. (I think that degree modesty in an 18 year old is cute! Paradoxically, she has a "naked baby picture" as the wallpaper on her cell phone.) There is a little bubble of extra fabric under her right arm that I was able to pin out. I'll try a bit of clear elastic at the back. Susan Khalje suggests using elastic to keep the neckline close to the body; I hope it will work the same magic on the back. The back is really pretty, too. I ordered some "montees" to sew onto the back straps. Summerset educated me about montees and recommended Fire Mountain Gems. Getting their catalog has sparked my interest in making jewelry. I wish I had time to pursue that. I shocked and frightened DD by telling her I would make her jewelry, too! Poor child has no sense of humor.

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  1. beautiful dress! As I'm sure you can see, you will want to either line this dress or get some good "skin colored" undies for your daughter;-) Aren't teenagers the worst for letting you photograph them? I still don't have a good picture of my DD in the last dress I made her, yet she and her friends have billions of pictures they take all the time!