Friday, October 5, 2007

Another Day, Another Formal

My DD, the socialite, has another formal affair on her calendar. In December, she has The Snow Ball, a formal for seniors at her school (as if Senior Prom wasn't enough). Her Highness has chosen this design (Simplicity 3735: view A with the double straps) for her dressmaker (me) to make. Once again, she has chosen a simple design. I hope this trend continues through Senior Prom. She selected a bordeaux colored satin from JoAnn. (yes, JoAnn) The bodice will be plain satin and the skirt will have little flecks of glitter. We discussed some sort of jewels on the straps. Again, I'm considering underling the entire dress in addition to lining it, as I did for her Junior Prom dress. I think it gives the dress a little more substance and luxury. So, by royal decree, sewing for myself stops once I finish my current project. Actually, I'm really looking forward to making this dress. I haven't had an emotional connection with any of my sewing projects in a while. This is the type of project I need.


  1. What a great project! Yes, I would definitely underline it - I work with those satins from Jo-ann's from time to time and the underlining really is important. The other thing you could do as far as the bling factor is to find a really nice largish jeweled pin or button and place it on the bodice, center front where all those seams converge from the bodice/skirt.

  2. this sounds great. I think the underlining is a great idea for fabric body and the correct drape. Lucky daughter!

  3. I know you will make it beautiful!