Monday, October 22, 2007

A New Challenge

A small seed of an idea has taken root in my mind. It was planted by Cidell and Toy. Cidell talked about sewing a tailored jacket in her interview with Toy. That started me thinking about making a lined jacket, something I've never done. Well, if I'm to be honest, I did make a lined jacket about 15 years ago, but the results were horrendous and I have mercifully repressed the memory. I'm a better sewer now, and I'd like to try again. I've got plenty of books. I already have Tailoring from the Singer Sewing Reference Library; Easy Guide to Sewing Jackets by Cecelia Podolak; Jackets, Coats and Suits from Threads' series; even the chapter on Speed Tailoring from The Best of Sewing With Nancy (although "speed tailoring" sounds oxymoronic to me.) In addition, I've ordered Jackets for Real People. But, something is holding me back and keeping me from putting all other projects aside and jumping head first into this endeavor. I'm allowing my work mindset to infect my hobby mindset. At work, I have to be focused on results and that attitude is leaking into my sewing life. The destination has become more important than the journey. I'm thinking about the many items I should be making while spending time on a tailored jacket that might not even be wearable. That way of thinking completely defeats the purpose of a hobby. Changing that way of thinking is my first challenge. The second challenge is actually making the jacket. I would learn a lot by making a tailored jacket. I would be really pleased if the jacket turned out to be wearable.

I have a plan. I'm going to train for this challenge! [Mentally insert the theme music from "Rocky" here.] While I'm working on current projects, I'm going to be searching for inexpensive fabric suitable for a tailored jacket. I'm going to find a pattern; maybe investigate Vogue's Claire Shaeffer patterns. I'm going to read my books on tailoring. I may not get to this project for months so I may end up sewing a wool jacket in the middle of July; but I'm going the distance and I'm going to make that tailored jacket!


  1. What a great challenge! It'll be quite a learning process but so worth it.

  2. Cool! I'm going to look up those books and in the meanwhile, I'll be taking notes from your experience over here!

  3. Elaray, make that jacket!

    LOL. Actually I am making my first jacket, now, too. And I am just as intimidated as you are. For my first one, I am doing a simple convertible collar (no lapels yet!) and I am fusing my interfacing.
    But maybe.. in time I will do one with hand stitching, etc.
    Go for it!!

  4. Don't be afraid or intimidated, go for it!. You can do this. I just started sewing and decided to make a skirt and realized that it should be lined. You have everything you need and you are right to purchase an inexpensive fabric. If you mistake, it will enable you to see where you went wrong and make corrections. Go for the Challenge!

  5. I am going to speak to the results, gotta finish this mentality. I am guilty of this at times and it seems as if I am always rushing, rushing to the next project. Especially since I have so much fabric and patterns that are begging to be used. However, I have made a decision to slow it down and take my time. If I want to meander or go down another road, I'm gonna. So as one of those always rushing to the end, take it from me...slow down and work on the jacket and when you have a wonderful wearable jacket at the end, you will be so glad that you did!