Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finished: BWOF 03-07-130

I've made almost every piece in the BWOF 03/2007 issue's plus size collection.
If I find the right fabric before the end of the summer, I'll make the 131 or 132 top and the 130C pants.
The most recent project is the 130B Pants.

Pattern Description:
Straight legged pants with a fly front, back yoke and elastic in the back waist.

Pattern Sizing:
From BWOF's plus size collection; 44-52

Were the instructions easy to follow?
The instructions were easy until I reached the part about inserting the front band. The front pocket piece has to be traced twice: once, from lining, for the actual pocket piece and again, from fashion fabric, for the facing piece. BWOF often does this. With the myriad of lines on the pattern sheet, I missed this important little detail. I have to really study BWOF instructions, including the diagrams, before I start cutting and sewing. Important information is in the most unlikely places and are easily overlooked.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I chose this pattern because I had linen and linen was the recommended fabric for these pants.

Fabric Used:

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:
I made a slight alteration to the tummy area. I pivoted the center front up at the waistline seam to accommodate for a protruding tummy.

The instructions called for the pocket band to be embellished with embroidered linen or embroidery. An embroidery motif was included with the instructions. I embellished the pocket band with couching rather than embroidery.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
This pants pattern has officially become a TNT pattern. This is the third time I've made them. They also come in a capri length and I'd like to make that option before the summer is over.

I can finally say I have at least one TNT pants pattern.


  1. What a great fit!

  2. I searched your blog for the dress #128 and found an entry but not a picture of you wearing it. Did you not finish this dress? And if you did, can you talk about it a little? It's a nice dress!

  3. Yea! A TNT pants pattern is truly something to behold. These look great on you. Did the original pattern call for the elastic in the back?

  4. Nice fit. Like the detail on the pants. Unique.

  5. I love what you did with the embellishment. That idea would be transferable to a lot of garments. Great fit, as one would expect with Burda.

  6. Those are very nice looking pants. You did a wonderful job with the couching. Very nice. Congratulations! When you can get a good TNT pants pattern--that's like the BEST !!

  7. These look great on you, wonderful fit!

  8. The pocket embellishment looks wonderful! You have been busy with that issue of BWOF!

  9. These turned out nicely. I can see more interesting pocket details coming in the near future! Good job. I like the lines of these on you.

  10. You are amazing, to have made almost every piece!

    Love the way the design on the pocket turned out. I'll have to give that a try sometime.


  11. A TNT?!? Wow, good for you. At least now you have something to come back to if you want something that will not present a new challenge or something quick to make. This pair turned out really, really nice with the couching detail and fit!

  12. Good for you- on all the sewing and a TNT pant pattern. They look fantastic.

  13. Love the pants, well, because, for one, I love linen and, two, the braid detail is so cute.

    Wasn't sure how to pronounce it. I read it in Fr, of course, as [kooching] *makes loser sign* but it's [kowching], right? Need to practice doing that technique.

    And I vote for 132 that I've loved at first sight for the overlapping, square insert, too cute!

  14. Your embellishing of these pants really paid off. And I didn't peg you as an embellishment kind of a gal!

  15. I just pulled out this issue of BWOF and decided to make the tunic 132. I came here to get your email to ask if you'd made it up and right here in a recent post you answered my question. This is the issue I bought in Italy so I may have to call on you for the English translation when I get ready to sew something up. I'm really feeling that tunic. Maybe even the pants you just made too go with it.

  16. Are you going to revisit the dress #128 from this issue?

  17. These pants look fabulous, fabulous on you and the embellishing worked out really well. Great pants