Saturday, May 30, 2009

Next: BWOF 03-07-129 Blouse & 130 Pants

I rarely use a pattern twice. It's not that I have anything against TNTs. I'm too ADD to have a TNT. For me, it's BTDT. However, while looking through my BWOF (no more initials - I promise) index, I realized the pattern that best suited my purpose and the fabric was a pattern I'd already used. I was really happy with the way it turned out the first time, so there was no reason not to use it again. The fabric came from my trip to G-Street in April. Both pieces came from the $2.97 table. The blue print is a cotton. A stick-on label said something about "Chaus", so I may have scored something from a famous manuafacturer. The ecru is a stretch woven. I'm sure I bought the same fabric in a different color on my first visit to G Street in 2007. It's more of a transition weight than a summer weight, but it's hard to say no to $2.97 a yard.


  1. The blue fabric is lovely. That and the twill will make a nice outfit.