Monday, April 13, 2009

Win Some – Lose Some

I had two shopping goals:
  1. Find green buttons for green fabric
  2. Find satin to match the yellow matte jersey I bought at G street
I thought finding the buttons would be the easier task because PA Fabric Outlet has so many buttons it makes my eyes cross. I'm very picky about fabrics that are supposed to match, so I never expected to find a yellow satin that matched the jersey. But, I found zero matching green buttons and two matching yellow satins. Go figure.

I never expected to find a knit and a satin the same color unless I settled for black or white. Finding the yellow definitely put the fabric purchase in the win column. I settled for the bone colored buttons because at least they pick up a coordinating color in the blouse fabric. I had my mind set on matching green buttons, so the button purchase was originally assigned to the loss column. But, if I open my narrow little mind, I can move the buttons to the win column, too.


  1. I'm surprised about the matching fabric, too! I like the buttons you've chosen and I think they will work well.

  2. Matching fabric equals lucky! As far as matching buttons, have you considered making covered buttons?

  3. I like how you are displaying your projects. I must put more time into my presentation :)

  4. BTDT! It seems I can never find exactly what I'm looking for but opening up my mind helps me to see other options.

  5. More great fabric! And matching!

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