Saturday, April 11, 2009

G-Street Field Trip

Several weeks ago, I had an idea. I thought it might be fun to drive the 2 1/2 hours to Rockville, MD during my spring break for a return visit to G Street Fabrics, which has always represented "Fabric Store Mecca" to me. Then, serendipitously, I learned three of my cousins, whom I seldom see because they live in Georgia, would also be in Rockville during that time. So, we had a mini-family reunion and I got to buy some nice fabric.

I went to G Street twice during my short stay in Rockville. My non-sewing cousins were with me during the first visit. Fabric shopping with people who don't sew puts a damper on things, so I went back alone the next morning while everyone else was sleeping-in and I had a much better time. I wasn't rushed and no one offered opinions on the prices I was willing to pay. (G Street is not cheap.) But, thanks to information from Cidell, I knew to visit the $2.97 tables and found some nice pieces.

The following pieces came from the $2.97 table.

A natural colored linen and a cotton plaid

A 2-way stretch ecru gabardine and a cotton print

Since I saved so much by shopping the $2.97 tables, I splurged on this matte jersey knit.

I found these when I went back the next morning.

A cotton bottom wieght and cotton shirting with subtle checks

Of course, the pattern assignments are subject to change

Several days before my trip, I read on the web-site G-Street Fabrics is moving from its Rockville Pike location. I spoke with one of the sales associates about the move. I learned all of the stores in the shopping center are moving because the shopping center is being replaced with condominiums. G Street's Rockville location is the largest fabric store I've ever seen. The sales floor has a departments that are almost as large as some entire stores I've visited in both Philadelphia and New York City. There is also room for Bernina sewing machines and sergers, patterns, classrooms on the main level and home dec fabric on the lower level. The new location will not be as large. I'm curious about how they will fit everything into a smaller space. I guess I'll have to go back after the move in this summer.

These purchases mark the beginning of my Spring/Summer sewing season. With these purchases and my patternmaking project, I should have enough to keep me busy for quite some time.


  1. Ah very nice fabrics and great pattern choices.
    Happy spring/summer sewing :)

  2. Oooh, I love seeing good fabric deals! I visited G Street last year and right now I am making a jacket with my one and only purchase from the $2.97 table.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed G Street. The $2.97 wall is my favorite, I always come home with a big fat bagful. I usually go to the one in Falls Church, but I've been to the Rockville store. You have some nice stuff to work with this spring.

  4. I wish I'd known you were coming to Rockville, I work right down the street. I would have loved to meet you there. I try to stop in at least once per week and I never leave empty handed. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.

  5. Nice haul. I've been to the GStreet BeeBee frequents (as her guest, HA) which I think is Falls Church. I have some great finds from the sale tables, you did good! K

  6. What wonderful finds! Good for you. Lots of daydreaming there.

  7. Oh, what lucky girl! Family and fabric! Great choices - I'm seeing nice spring and summer things here.

  8. All you get for $2.97 in Australia would be a reel of really crappy thread! Fabric is so much cheaper in the US. We don't have many fabric stores here at all and the good ones are really expensive. You've chosen some great fabrics and I'm impressed that you've already decided patterns! I'm never that organised. I totally agree about fabric shopping alone; you need the time to let the fabrics call your name ...

  9. What a wonderful fabric selection. Thanks for commenting about the jacket - I am so very glad it is finished. I admire you sewing those Bwof patterns.

  10. Great fabric and pattern choices. A $2.97 table, huh? Sounds wonderful. I can never seem to pin down the patterns I want to use.

  11. It looks like you made some great finds and will have some winner outfits as a result. I'm hoping to get back into sewing soon.