Monday, November 5, 2007

The Morning After

We’ve all seen this happen in dozens of movies (and real life). The beautiful heroine of the movie is out drinking with her beautiful best friends. She meets an equally beautiful man in the bar and the initial attraction is strong. They drink, talk, connect and end up going home together. Then, the morning after, in the light of day, she doesn’t know why she brought this man home, may not even like him anymore and has no idea what to do with him. That is the way I feel about the print fabric shown.

I bought it on my first shopping trip to New York City's garment district when I was having a great time with my sister and got caught up in the excitement. The plan was to make a blouse and pants for the fall and I bought a wool blend to coordinate with it. But here’s the problem: the print is a little sheer and not really appropriate for fall/winter. It’s not exactly see-through sheer, but it definitely looks more like “summer” than “fall”. I considered underlining the blouse, but I dismissed that idea because it that might make the blouse too uncomfortable to wear. The smarter choice would be to put the fabric aside until summer and make a dress. That leaves me with the rust wool blend that has suddenly become an orphan. I know fabric stashers don’t see this as a problem but, I am not a fabric stasher (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Something in me won't let me have fabric on hand for more than 3 or 4 future projects. On the bright side, I am now compelled to buy fabric to match the wool blend. Since I'm buying this fabric for a specific purpose and to coordinate with previously purchased fabric, it is not a stash!


  1. Okay, I believe you, lol
    I totally understand what you mean but don't let it get to you even if it sticks around for a while, maybe the right pattern hasn't come along as yet to motivate you into using the fabric for it

  2. Both fabrics are really nice - just plan two different ensembles each using one fabric and get the coordinating fabrics. Just think - you'll already have planned an outfit for next summer!