Thursday, August 30, 2007

Elaray's Sewing Room! Grand Re-Opening!

My hiatus is over – I'm back in the sewing room! After doing some much needed housework – clearing away the figurative and literal clutter – I am ready to get back to sewing. As much as I would like to, I can't always shut out the world and sew. When I'm distracted, it's best to stay out of the sewing room. I make stupid decisions and mistakes. Several things were distracting me, not the least of which was the disorder in my house. But now that my house is clean and my mind is clear, I'm ready to get back to sewing! Once I go back to work next week, I won't have uninterrupted hours to spend in the sewing room and I'm happy to take advantage of these last few days of summer vacation.

I'm working on BWOF 01/2006 #130 pants. It's impossible to see in the photograph, but the pants have some interesting details: the shaped hip yoke pockets and side panels on the front and back. Summerset said she actually "loved" BWOF's fly front zipper instructions. Because of my bad experiences with BWOF instructions in general, I've never even read their instructions for fly front zippers. I'm skeptical, but because I admire Summerset's work and based on her recommendation, I'm willing to give BWOF's method a try. (This way, I can blame her if it doesn't work out! Tee-hee! ) I'll probably practice first on some scraps. I'm up for learning something new.


  1. Hooray for getting back into the sewing room!

    I found Burda's fly instructions to be ok and I'm pleased with the results. I haven't made too many front fly zips and was glad that the skirt I just finished was the pattern in the magazine that came with detailed instructions and pictures. It was from the 9/06 issue if you want to look that up for the details on the front fly.

  2. Right, I get to take the blame! Actually, if you have Burda's 7/07, the illustrated sewing course shows the fly zip, too. I must do the comparison post soon!

  3. I actually learned how to sew a front fly zipper follwing BWOF's instructions. I'm very pleased with the results and also posted a step-by-step tutorial at my blog, when I was sewing the shorts for the black ensemble. Welcome back!

  4. While I am completely unfamiliar with BWOF fly zipper instructions, I can relate to the sewing mojo that can at times be mightily distracted by the mundane-such as housework. Hope the fly zipper work out well.