Saturday, August 11, 2007

My First Copied Pattern

After several months, I finally made my nephew's barber smock. The delay was in getting NFL (Oakland Raiders) and NBA (LA Lakers) fabric. So far, I've only been able to get my hands on the NFL fabric.

I copied the pattern using methods described in two sources: The Haas Method (as described in Threads Magazine Aug/Sept 2005) and The Doyle Method (Patterns From Finished Clothes by Tracey Doyle). (The methods are described in a previous blog post.) Working with the copied pattern was easy because the design was so simple. The only pieces needed were front, back, collar and sleeves. I should have walked the pattern pieces together to check that the seam allowances were the same length. The sleeves went in easily, but the back was slightly longer than the front. I eased in the chest area and called it a fitting detail. Before I make the NBA smock, I'll just cut off some of the back. It this had been anything other than a barber smock, it might have been a problem. But I seriously doubt that my nephew or his customers will notice the easing in the chest area. My smock is made better than the smock I copied. I added a fold over facing on the front and interfaced the front and collar. Believe it or not, the original didn't have either of those features. It's amazing how some things are so cheaply made. The original smock had pockets with zippers in the bottom. I couldn't imagine why zippers would be needed in the bottom of a pocket. They are there so the barber can easily remove the hair that accumulates in the pockets. Live and learn!

I'm happy with the results of my first attempt at copying a pattern. I'm sure my nephew will be happy, too. Maybe he'll forget that we first discussed this project in May and he didn't get his smock until August.


  1. Elaray, your smock looks great! I love the zipper learning. You may have already tried this site for Lakers fabric, but if not, it looks promising:

    If that fails, how about using sheets? They might be easier to find.

  2. Elaray:
    can't wait 2 c how the LAKERS smock turns out. hope u post a pic of that 1, 2! your nephew the barber has mad skillz, and he is most blessed to have an auntie like u!