Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good

My daughter and I are going out of town to visit yet another college campus. Am I making lists and packing? Am I doing housework I won’t want to do when we return? Am I getting nostalgic thinking about what it will be like when she leaves for college next year? No, I am not. I am online looking for any fabric stores near our destination. I got it bad. I’ll tell you how bad I’ve got it: DD is considering a college in near Washington, DC. Yes, I’m concerned about campus safety, tuition costs and scary roommates. But, the campus is about 30 minutes from G-Street Fabrics! If she decides to go there, I can shop at G-Street every time I pick her up or visit!! I’m trembling!

Now that I’ve found a fabric store in our destination city, I must go clean, pack and get nostalgic.


  1. Make sure you hit the 2.97 table!

  2. You're too funny. I always check out the fabric shops on vacation or when I go somewhere new. G-Street would really be something, though!

  3. Now why did my son have to go to school in Fresno where there is only Hancock's and JoAnn's?

  4. cidell said...
    Make sure you hit the 2.97 table!


    For real, though! LOL