Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If It Wasn't for Bad Luck I Wouldn't Have No Luck At All

My Sewing Mojo has abandoned me. I finished a knit top before my trip to Virginia, but I haven’t made it into the sewing room since I returned; possibly, because I’ve been trying to prepare myself for going back to work. My Sewing Mojo and my Work Mojo cannot exist in the same space. My mojos are like that.

I did visit the fabric store I researched (see previous post). It was a nice little store, but I didn’t buy anything.

I was hoping to buy a new sewing machine at the end of the summer. I decided on the Bernina Aurora 430. Unfortunately, I had some major automobile expenses and that plan had to be abandoned.

To quote the old spiritual "I'm so glad trouble don't last always". The best thing for me to do is to ride out this little storm and wait for my luck to change. I’ve got tons of housework and back-to-school preparations to keep me busy until then.
But, I'd rather be sewing.


  1. That's too bad that you can't get the sewing machine you want bc of other costs. I know how that feels. I've been wanting to get a new one for a while now, but can't justify the cost until I'm sewing much more often (a bit of a catch 22) and am able to save more... Good luck saving towards it again!

  2. We all go through this! Don't worry, it will return, just let the whole thing run it's course. Motivation is cyclic, so it will come back.

  3. "My Sewing Mojo and my Work Mojo cannot exist in the same space. My mojos are like that."

    What a great way of describing the lack of sewing time and working, I can so relate to this exactly.....I really like the way you put it.
    (I was reading your post on Sewing Guild and checked your blog.)