Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Did It!

Last summer I made BWOF 04/2006 #126 but with a great deal of difficulty. I was thoroughly confused by BWOF's collar-collar band-lapel treatment. I tried it a second time and was totally defeated by that same collar & lapel. The carcass of that blouse is still hanging in the back of the sewing room closet taunting me. Every time I went to the closet, I shook my fist and I vowed "One day I will try again and I will make that blouse." Well, that day came. I tried again and I did it! I studied the directions for this blouse intently. I really needed visual aids with my directions and I really wished BWOF provided them. But, since they didn't, I made my own visual aids. I made several copies of the diagram of pattern pieces and highlighted the appropriate seams to illustrate what seams needed to be sewn together. Once I conceptualized on paper the way the pieces fit together, I made a muslin to work out the problem in 3D. Careful marking of the muslin was another key to solving the problem. I was able to mark up the muslin without mercy and it really helped.

Here's the before - a permanent UFO:

Here's the after - a well used muslin:

I'm going to keep both the UFO and the muslin as a reminder of my conquest over BWOF. I can't wait to get this blouse made in real fabric. And, I can't believe I used to think muslins were a waste of time.


  1. YEA!!!! I swear Burda like to try you.

  2. Congratulations - now you'll be unstoppable!

  3. Bravo! Good for you for working through it and figuring it out!

  4. Good for you! the muslin looks terrific.

    burda WOF is often indecipherable, it's not just you!