Saturday, May 12, 2007

A (Sewing) Match Made in Heaven

Kwik Sew 3203 View C is my next project. There is a reason why my fabric is very similar to the fabric in the illustration. I went to one of my favorite indie stores to buy clear elastic. While standing around waiting to have my elastic cut, I saw this fabric and liked it right away. I love it when I find coordinated fabrics and I don't have to search around the store to find something that matches my original find. But, since fabric was not in my budget that week, I told myself I wouldn't buy it unless I found the perfect pattern. I envisioned a simple pull-over top for the stripe and pull on pants for the solid. And, wonder of all wonders, that is exactly what I found! It was as if St. Ebeneezer, the patron saint of sewing patterns, ordained that I find just the match-up I was looking for. But since there is no St. Ebeneezer, it was more like I was looking through the pattern book a few minutes earlier and made a subliminal connection when I spotted the fabric. In the absence of divine intervention, the situation was serendipitous enough that I had to buy the fabric. Furthermore, as if to confirm I was destined to have this fabric, I've seen it in other places since I made the purchase. It's in the Summer Vogue Fabric Swatch mailing, my favorite online fabric store; and I saw it in a shop on Philadelphia's Fabric Row, my favorite brick and mortar location. Who am I, a mere mortal, to contradict St. Ebeneezer?

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  1. Casting no aspersions on St. Ebeneezer, next time you need divine intervention, there are several patron saints of needle workers - . You never know when you'll need back-ups! Great fabric!