Thursday, May 10, 2007

More than a notion

My nephew recently opened a barber shop. He wants custom-made smocks with logos for his favorite teams: the Lakers and the Raiders. I found the fabric with the help of the PR message board. The problem is my nephew is a big guy - 4 x at least. I thought it was difficult finding patterns for plus-size women. It’s even harder finding patterns for plus-sized men! I recently bought two books on pattern making. But he lives in central New York State and I live in southeastern Pennsylvania so measuring for a custom patten isn’t possible. I decided to use one of his smocks to make a pattern. That’s a good thing because that means I get to buy more sewing stuff! I ordered Patterns from Finished Clothes by Tracy Doyle (after checking it out of the public library.) I ordered a needle point tracing wheel. I bought a 24” x 48” sheet of cork as Doyle recommended. The process doesn’t look too difficult. As a matter of fact, I can’t wait to start.

About the aforementioned needle point tracing wheel -- I called a few tailor supply stores in Philadelphia. I was quoted prices from $1.60 to over $100! That’s right -- OVER ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I believe you get what you pay for, but a $100 needle point tracing wheel? Pul-leeeze! What features could a tracing wheel possibly have to justify a price of $100. Apparently, there is a lot I don’t know about needle point tracing wheels. I hope the sales person wasn’t wearing his glasses and read the price wrong.

Update: 5/10/07
I had to go into Philadelphia today. I went to the store on Fabric Row that quoted $100 for a tracing wheel and asked to see the tracing wheel. Turns out, the owner thought I was asking for a "needle board" not a needle point tracing wheel. He also said it was very busy when I called and he apologized profusely! That makes more sense than my "not wearing his glasses" theory.

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  1. I suspect that when they sell things to the industry they are much higher priced than when they sell them to the home sewer. So it would depend on who the suppliers' main customers are. There also may be some difference in quality b/w them, but *that* much, I doubt it. Interesting. (I bought mine from Claire Shaeffer at a seminar...It was around $17 if I remember right. (I rarely remember right.)