Monday, September 5, 2011

My Mojo: Gone But Not Forgotten

I always get a little disoriented during this time of year.  It's "Back to School" time and my mojo always gets out of the way because I can get quite bitchy when summer vacation ends.  This  school-year is different because, if all goes according to plan, I'll be retiring at the end of it.  My attitude about my last year working in a large and failing urban school district is not the best. Frankly, it sucks.  Trying to keep a rein on all that sucky-ness is stressful and the stress has leached into other parts of my life - including sewing.  But,  I don't worry anymore when my mojo takes a powder.  Eventually things will fall into place and I'll be a happy sewer again - even if I'm unhappy at work.

Recent sewing projects have been for my daughter.  She wanted more dresses and selected three Burda patterns.  Her tastes are very conservative for a 21 year-old. (I wonder where she got that from?).  She has no interest in the sewing process - only the finished garment.  So, I selected several patterns I thought she'd like and printed them out. Instead of searching through an entire pattern catalog, she had to search through only a few pages.
I liked 7798 because it was more youthful than the other two.  So naturally, she wanted 7602 and 7972 sewn first. I finished the dresses weeks ago.  Maybe my mojo sneaked into the box when I mailed the dresses to her.

Just when I thought my mojo was back, I started working on an outfit that will be totally inappropriate for the season by the time I finish it.   I ran into a little problem.  I'm using a soft, sheer fabric I bought during at Fishman's Fabrics during PR Weekend.  It's so soft and sheer, it bunches up under the presser foot and a glop of thread forms on the underside.  According to Claire Shaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide,  I should be using a  small hole needle plate on my sewing machine.  I don't own a small hole needle plate, so a trip to my dealer is in order.  I was disappointed when I couldn't work on the blouse.  My mojo tried to come back to me but was prevented from doing so because I didn't have the right equipment.  I'm sure the trip to the sewing machine dealer for a new throat plate will be inspiring and my mojo will come back home where it belongs.


  1. I guess I shouldn't let my sewing motivation hiatus get to me the way it does. It's just that it's such a relaxing stress eliminator for me. Glad that you handle yours so well. And congratulations ahead of time on your retirement.

  2. So sorry to hear that your mojo is on vaca. Regarding the sheer fabric, do you have a teflon foot? It really helps feed the fabric through and prevents bunching.

  3. When I sew something for my dd I have to hand pick the patterns as well. It's too confusing to look through all pictures herself. Of course she never gets the idea from my binders of technical drawings either. I like the ones on the left and right best. But, gee she really is conservative for a college student!
    I've sort of got my mojo but no mojo for posting to my blog. Soon, maybe.
    At least you get to retire at the end of the year. Do you have plans for your retirement?

  4. I like all three dresses you selected for your daughter. Good luck with your last year of teaching, maybe you can think of it as your last first day, etc. I think we should hunt for our mojo together, I have been working on the same jacket for 2 weeks now. Can't seem to get motivated.

  5. Elaray, I'm sure you thought of this, but just in case you didnt'. Did you try starching the seams or using tissue paper between the presser foot and fabric? Oh, and at least your daughter still wants you to sew for her!


  6. When I was in late high school/early college I sewed dresses like the middle and right ones. :) One of them was Tweety Bird fabric, another was ivory eyelet. Oh, and there was a blue gingham one, and a yellow calico one....
    It's just the nature of mojo for it to disappear from time to time. Fear not, it will be back!

  7. Isabel's DaughterSeptember 7, 2011 at 11:52 AM


    Seems like lack of mojo has been going around a lot!! I am getting mine back now that my knee is better. I think getting back to work at Viking is helping. Retirement--sounds lovely and I know you will make good use of your new freedom.


  8. Did you try a size 70 or smaller Sharp needle?
    Also, maybe try sewing with tissue paper underneath, which you can then tear away. Good luck!!