Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If I Thought of it ………

……why didn't the Bernina engineers think of it?

Recently, I bought a straight stitch plate for my sewing machine.  I can imagine sitting down to the machine, switching to a utility stitch,  and ………wait for it ………… BAM!  The needle hits the the plate, breaks and scares me out of 6 months of life.  And let's not even think of the broken needle point flying toward my eyes.  As I sit at the machine, there is no easy way to tell which plate is in the machine by simply looking.

It's very easy to tell the plates apart when they are not in the machine.

Here's an idea:  Put the bright red warning decal on the FRONT of the plate when it can be seen!   Sure, I can mark the front of the plate with a permanent marker or a stick-on dot, but shouldn't someone at Bernina have thought of that?   

NB: I broke a needle before I even had a chance to edit and put up this post!!!


  1. LOL. That really is a pita. At least you didn't get it in you face.

  2. I place a bright colored sticky note over the screen on the front of my machine whenever I use any plate (or foot) that requires a straight stitch. Of course your idea is best for a permanent solution, but after being scared witless that I had damaged my beloved machine, I had to do something to prevent doing the same thing again.

  3. My habit is to lower the needle into the fabric by hand-turning the flywheel before I "step on the gas". That's how my mother showed me to use her mechanical machine in 1970, and I do it to this day, even though my current machine is an early computer model.

    I can't tell you how many times this habit has saved me from smashing a needle to bits on the straight stitch throat plate, or, for that matter, by "walking" the needle over a metal zipper or when I thought I was right at the bottom stop.

  4. Um, wow, yeah and duh!!!! Glad you didn't get injured by this.

  5. Glad no injuries occurred in the making of this post!

  6. LOL! Totally agree. Breaking a needle on a plate can be so dangerous, too.

    Thank you Elaray for leaving a lovely note on my blog about my happy news! Have a great Sunday :)

  7. Years ago when I purchased a straight stitch plate for my Bernina 1630 it came with a warning red decal.
    So Bernina does think!

  8. i have the Bernina Artista 630, the one with the touch screen, it has a safety feature that you turn on when you put a straight stitch plate on, it won't let you make the stitch width any bigger than 0?