Monday, August 22, 2011

TNT Times Two

A few years ago, I remember lamenting I didn't have any TNT patterns.  Since then, I've established a few TNTs.  I just finished back-to-back versions of BWOF 03-2007-129, moving this pattern firmly into the TNT category.   It started with a fabric purchase impulse and a fabric purchase mistake.

When I dragged my daughter to Fabric Row to find fabric for a dress, I met and fell in love with the gold colored batik.  I wanted to get it sewn while it was still warm enough to wear it.  I first choose a sleeveless top, but it was getting late in the summer and I didn't think I'd get it finished in time.  My window for wearing sleeveless is very small.  So, I looked through my Burda index and selected 03-2007-129.  Serendipitously, the fabric matches a pair of pants I made a few months ago.

I didn't buy lining fabric for Lindsey's  dress during the first trip, so I went back to Fabric Row.  I was in such a hurry I left my brain at home on the dining room table.   I bought fabric that was totally wrong for the lining – but totally perfect for a blouse.  Time was still of the essence, so I chose #129 again.  (Actually, I was just too lazy to search for another pattern.) I don't like wearing white because I always seem to spill something on myself whenever I wear white.  But, there is always an occasion for a white blouse and now I have one appropriate for the summer. 

I like this blouse pattern because the seaming gives the blouse a little shape - a less boxy look.  I feel extremely fortunate to have found the buttons that were a perfect compliment to the gold batik. 

After these blouses, I'm going to make two dresses, in absentia,  for my daughter.  She won't be here for any trying on, fitting or photographing for blogs.  Before she left, I measured her from waist to hem so I could hem the dresses without her.  She was so funny!  She was worried that I wouldn't remember to add a hem allowance to the measurement and the dresses would be too short. Twenty-somethings really believe they know everything and their parents know nothing!


  1. Cute blouses... like you, wearing white is not a favorite.... I feel like a dirt magnet when I wear white. The buttons for the gold batik are perfect.

  2. Love those TNT's especially when I bungle something. Good to see your perfect recovery

  3. Pretty blouses, those are great TNT's. I really like the batik print & the buttons are perfect.

  4. It's a great tnt pattern. Both blouses look great. You can take long sleeves from another pattern to make it for fall and winter. Perfect.

  5. One nice pattern two pretty blouses. How could you go wrong. TNT's are great to have near by when you're in a hurry to make something you know you'll love.

  6. Isabel's DaughterAugust 26, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    Great job on the blouses. Really love the gold one and the buttons. I invariably wear a white top when I eat something with tomato sauce. Always a bad idea.


  7. I really like the lines on this blouse pattern. I can see why it is a TNT for you. This kind of shirt really works well for me and seems to be the thing I will grab when I don't know what to wear.