Monday, September 26, 2011

Sewing Mojo v. Blogging Mojo

I've been spending more time in the sewing room and less time at the computer.  I'm glad my  sewing mojo is back but it's been difficult to find time or motivation to document my sewing progress in a blog.  I finished this outfit over a week ago, but I didn't take the time to photograph or write about it.  Really, there isn't much to say.

Tank Top - Burda 3215:  Piece of cake!  The instructions called for a turned under finish on the neckline and armscye.  I used bias binding instead.

Pants - Burda Plus Fashion SS-2010-426 : These pants have an elastic waist and a mock fly.  I think the concept of a mock fly is a little silly.  It's just as easy to install a zipper – so I did.

Blouse - Burda Plus Fashion SS-2010-424:   The blouse fabric was somewhat sheer,  but I chose not to do french seams.  A serged seam was good enough for this casual outfit.  I decided on a narrow 5-thread stitch with the chain stitch needle in the rightmost position  and wide three thread overlock stitch.  When I tried to insert a needle into the rightmost position, it just wouldn't GO!   The next day, I took my serger to the dealer for a little look-see.   I thought the problem was me, but it turned out there really was something wrong with the machine. The good news was it could be fixed while I waited.  The bad news was I had to wait while it was being fixed!  I love my dealer, but waiting for over two hours did get a little tedious.  It wasn't a total waste of time, though.  I got to read a few sewing books that were in the store and I advanced two or three levels in Angry Birds on my iPod.

The straight stitch needle plate made a big difference in sewing the lightweight fabric.  I paired the needle plate with the patchwork foot and I had no problems with the delicate blouse fabric. 

I worked on this outfit in 20-30 minute periods to give my mojo time to get unpacked and settled-in.  I'm happy with the outfit because it turned out just the way I pictured when I bought the fabric.  


  1. Your outfit is terrific. Blogging can be tiresome. It's hard sometimes to find the time to keep it up.

  2. Great new outfit, Elaray. Isn't it nice when an outfit turns out like the picture in our head. So happy your sewing mojo is back.

  3. I LOVE your outfit! It is a perfect combination! Of course, that blue is my color...
    Your style - primarily untucked-in top and pants- is also my style.
    I retired from teaching last May, and though the time is right, I miss those 12-13 year olds!
    I try to sew, but my motivation is much less now...

  4. Great outfit! The teal is a great color and popular this fall.

  5. Isabel's DaughterOctober 1, 2011 at 12:52 PM

    Great job, Lee. Love the combination.


  6. I really want to make those pants. Now that you've worn them, do you like the pattern? You've put together a really nice outfit. It certainly looks like something I would wear.