Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finished: BWOF 08-05-133 and BPF FW-07-405D

It's not hard to believe it's been over two weeks since my last post. Work has been horrible and I've been in a really bad mood and unable to finish anything. It's a good thing I live alone. No one should be around me when I get like this. Actual sewing and other sewing-related activities have kept me from throwing myself out the window. How do the poor souls who don't sew stay sane?

Blouse: BWOF 08-05-133
Pattern Description:
This long-sleeved blouse, from has faux French cuffs and Princess seaming on the front and back. The collar is constructed like a shawl collar rather than a collar on a stand.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
I made this blouse three years ago, just when I was beginning to feel comfortable with BWOF instructions. Any Burdaphobes should know, Burdas do get easier with every completed project!

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

Fabric Used:
The top is a "featherweight wool blend" from Vogue Fabrics Swatch Club. Wool really is a versatile fabric! The top is a little meatier than a blouse, but not exactly a jacket. A blacket? A Jause? Whatever you call it, it's perfect for cool spring days. I can picture the top worn like a jacket with a tank top.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I like sewing Burda's because I can make them with very few alterations or design changes.

Pants: BPF FW-07-405

For the pants, I used Hot Patterns adaptation on Sandra Betzina's fly front zipper. I like the way the zipper shield was attached, but I didn't like the final position of the zipper. On the tutorial, Trudy said she hated the way zippers are sometimes visible under the flap at the center front. I've never had a problem with the zipper peeking out when I use the Betzina method. Other than that, these are the same pants I've made 24,817 times.

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Next up: BS 01-10-133

I needed a white blouse for the occasions when I serve as a volunteer usher at Philadelphia's Walnut Street Theater. I found some white tone-on-tone cotton when I was in Virginia - and it was on sale!!! I chose this design because it's a little, tiny step outside of the box for me. Most of my blouses button up the front and this one buttons only half-way up the front. I'm also excited about making the piping that goes around the insert and at the top of the collar. (Excited by piping!?! I'm such a sewing geek!)

As any Burdaphile knows, it is imperative to thoroughly read Burda Style directions before doing anything else. Here's how I knew I was getting better at reading and interpreting Burda Style directions.
BurdaSpeak: "Seam allowance on bottom end of left band extends."
Apparently, the translator didn't realize that speakers of Standard American English seldom use "seam" as a verb. After puzzling for only a minute or two, I concluded what was meant was "Sew allowance on bottom of left band extension." Not only have I learned to sew Burda, I can now speak Burda.


  1. I like SB's zipper method, but sometimes I feel like it's too far from the edge.
    Fabric buying in Virginia, are we talking about the shop in Charlottesville?

  2. Well, it's good to see you back - we all have weeks or months like that! I'm loving the blouse and those cuffs - nice details. Yes, I feel like that with Burda sometimes. They really need to hire a native English speaker to go over their translations.

  3. You are a great Burda speaker! The best I know. Great pants - doesn't matter how many times you make them, they are still great.

  4. You might just have made Burda instructions easier for us all! I will read the instructions with a different mindset now!

  5. You're so right, a lot is lost in the translation... I buy the french edition, which IMO is a little better translation wise, but from time to time I also find translation errors

  6. haha! You ARE a sewing geek!

    I haven't had a problem with SB's zipper technique either, but I so rarely sew a fly I have to go watch the goofy video every time. :D

    BWOF instructions DO get easier the more I do, because I know now to ignore them! haha.