Friday, April 27, 2007

BWOF 08-2005 #133

The pattern is typical for me -- the kind of blouse with nondescript styling I make and wear all of the time. But, it's special for a number of reasons.
  • I bought the fabric at G-Street Fabrics in Rockville, MD. For some reason I can't define, I've wanted to go to G-Street fabrics for years. For me, G Street was Mecca and worthy of a pilgrimage. But, it's two and a half hours away. I got the opportunity to go when DD and I were visiting a university in the area. It was one of the best fabric shopping experiences I've had. Every time I wear this blouse I'll remember looking for colleges with my DD and fulfilling a fabric shopping dream.
  • I really love this fabric. I usually don't have an emotional connection with the fabric I buy. This print, however, called out to me while I was roaming around G Street Fabrics. I've always liked abstract, geometric or ethnic-looking prints. This fabric has all three! And the buttons match perfectly. So well, in fact, they are hardly noticeable. I'm almost afraid this emotional attachment to fabric and buttons may turn me into (gasp) a fabric stasher.
  • With this pattern, I feel like I have finally conquered the Burda World of Fashion. Usually, there is something about BWOF patterns just idiosyncratic enough to be a problem. This time was different. I breezed through this blouse like I'd been making BWOFs all of my life. I love the styles and the fit of BWOF so I was willing to accept the unclear directions, lack of illustrations and awkward translation from German. Now, I feel empowered to attempt the more challenging "three dot" styles.
When people see me wearing this blouse, they may like it enough to offer a compliment. I'll humbly accept the compliment and remember quality time spent with my DD, the fulfillment of a sewing dream and victory over a sewing challenge.


  1. Your blouse is lovely. You should try the swap. According to the article by stitches,the whole point is to make garments that are extremely simple. Using knits would be a great way to do this since 1.They are so quick to make up and 2. they are great travel clothes since you don't have to iron them. Congratulations on your success with Burda. I still haven't tried a BWOF blouse.

  2. So happy to see your fabric turned blouse! I love it even more on you -- very nice job. I also loved reading why you like it so much.