Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Next: BWOF 08/2007 #126 & #127

My current project is BWOF 08/2007 #126 blouse and #127 jeans. This is the first time I've made something from BWOF in the same year it was published! The blouse fabric came from Vogue Fabrics by Mail – a pretty green I call "corn husk". I'm using black denim for the jeans. The blouse will be topstitched in black so that it coordinates with the jeans. I debated contrasting topstitching for the jeans to match the blouse, but (thankfully) I decided against it. When I finish this outfit, I'll have at least 3 pairs of black pants. Obvioiusly, all the SWAP talk has gone right over my head.

I was excited about a BWOF pattern for 5 pocket jeans. It's hard to find jeans that I'm comfortable wearing. In spite of Oprah and the women on What Not To Wear, I like "Mom Jeans". I am a mom, after all – why shouldn't I wear "Mom Jeans"? I really can't see myself (or my belly) in the jeans that younger, thinner women might be wearing. Fashionista fans of BWOF are always praising it for being "fashion forward". My Mom Jeans and I might finally be right in style.


  1. These will be really nice when made up! I can imagine them in your fabric choices.

    As far as the current jean style is concerned - who cares? If if works for you, then wear it! Personal style isn't always about looks - it's about comfort and confidence, too!

  2. OK, please enlighten me. What on earth is a BWOF pattern?

  3. Dear Anonymous, BWOF is Burda World of Fashion. It's a magazine that is published monthly and each monthly issue includes about 50 complete patterns. You can search at Amazon.com for more information. It is also available through GLPnews.com

  4. Oh, those aren't mom jeans at all! Mom jeans are slightly pegged at the bottom, full in the thighs, cut like pumpkins at the hips and front (so the stomach sticks out as much as possible), while cinching you around the waist. What you're making are just standard 5 pocket straight legs. Nothing wrong with those!