Monday, April 30, 2007

Outside of my Comfort Zone

This dress, from the May 07 issue of BWOF is haunting me. When I saw the photo on the Burda website. The first thing I noticed was the notch in the hemline. When I finally got a look at the technical drawing, I saw the "corners" , for lack of a better word, in the seams. I've never seen a detail like that, especially in a plus-size dress. Usually plus-size dresses are boring. But not BWOFs. The only problem is, (and it really isn't a problem) this dress is way outside of my comfort zone. Most of my dresses are boring, plus-size dresses. But, I can't get this design out of my mind. I am really developing a more emotional approach to my sewing. I'm buying fabric just because I like it. I'm considering dresses with unusual details. These actions are out of character for me. Maybe it's menopause induced insanity.


  1. I think you should try the dress. It's edgy, but sophisticated. I overlooked this one for some reason. I like it. You may find that this will end of being your favorite dress of all time. And even if it isn't, think about what you will learn from trying a design like this one. I am tempted to make an evening dress, even though I never have occasion to wear one, just to experience the process of the dress.

  2. Hey, I say give it a go. Menopause insanity? Who's liberating!!!

  3. I actually made a burda similar to that once. Not in the edgy design details, but in the overall lantern shape. The neckline was the same too. It was red, washed linen and I loved it!

    I didn't get my May issue yet....