Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fit for Real People

As my old Granny used to say, "Everything ain't for everybody." Actually, my grandmother never said that, but it's still true. Lots of people on Pattern Review love "Fit for Real People". "My Fit Bible" said one reader. "...by far my favorite", said another. "If I were to own only one book on fit, this would be the one", a third reader proclaimed. It's one of Pattern Review's top 15 books, for goodness' sake. Me? I was less than impressed. Admittedly, I haven't tried Palmer and Alto's methods yet, but I don't think I'll like it. It's tissue fitting! Ugh!

I will not try it in a boat.
I will not try it in a coat.
I will not try it with a fox.
I will not try it in my socks.
I will not tissue fit -- No, Ma'am!
I will not do it, Sam I Am!

First of all, you need a partner. Getting someone to help you tissue fit is like getting someone to help you move. You can only ask your closest, dearest friends and you totally understand if they say, "no!". Secondly, I tried tissue fitting once. (Once!) I sweated and ruined the pattern!!! What a mess!

The book is very easy to read and I do plan to read it throughly. Maybe after I read it, I'll be willing to try tissue fitting again. Maybe I'll be like the character in Dr. Seuss' book and discover I like Green Eggs and Ham after all!


  1. Thanks for the laugh! I'm the same way about tissue fitting. But, I do use some of the alterations. I prefer to flat measure, and make a muslin. I guess it's not too bad if you trace on something like Do Sew or STP. At least that doesn't shred to pieces.

  2. It's not the tissue fitting part that I like, definitely not!! But the illustrations for diagnosing fit needs, the slash/spread methods and the order for doing them is what makes this "The Bible." Not too many of us have fitting buddies these days, so as Mary said, muslins and a mirror are the way.

  3. Debbie & Mary, I'm so glad to hear that you don't actually tissue fit! I thought it was just me who has issues with that method. The information in the book is invaluable and, like the two of your, I can adapt it to suit my personal needs.

  4. No tissue fitting for me, either. I don't even cut the tissue pattern. I trace it out onto white butcher paper, making my alterations as I go, and if I'm not sure about the fit, I make a muslin from monster paper or cheap fabric. It's a great book for understanding what alterations you need to make, though, including a lot that aren't addressed in most other fitting books.

  5. It is a good book, but like everyone else tissue fitting isn't really something I can do either. Do you think DH would really help me pin fit? Like Debbie said though the diagnosing & methods are great. -LauraM62

  6. Now Elaray,
    I'm going to loose my job laughing at you!
    Preach it!! Right on my Sista!! Cause I won't tissue fit either!!

  7. I NEVER tissue fit. I don't have anyone to help and I alter as I go. I've had this book for years and glanced through it one. I'm just cheating and taking a master pattern / patternmaking class this fall. Hopefully it will teach me what I've been to lazy to learn.