Wednesday, April 4, 2007

G-Street Outfit

My next project is my "G Street Outfit". In February, DD and I visited Univ. of Maryland. While in the area, we took a side trip to G Street Fabrics in Rockville, MD. I'd wanted to visit G Street for a very long time and I wasn't disappointed. The store was huge and there was so much beautiful fabric! I was there with my DD, and a couple with a two-year-old -- people who have little interest in sewing. So, being considerate of my companions, I really couldn't spend the time I wanted to. But, as I was walking around the store the print just called out to me. I've always liked abstract prints. I was determined to find a solid to go with the print. I was unsure of the match, but the salesperson kept complimenting me on my selection.
The best part of the expedition was finding the buttons. G Street has an unbelievable selection of buttons. We didn't have much luck matching colors so I suggested wood buttons. I meant wood colored, but the clerk brought out the buttons in the picture. They actually are stained wood. The photo doesn't do justice to the match, but we were both amazed at how well the buttons coordinated with the fabric. Even other customers at the button counter commented on the match. The only problem was the buttons were $3.25 apiece. Seven buttons cost almost as much as the print fabric! However, as evidenced by the photo, I got past that apprehension and bought the buttons. I think they are perfect for the fabric, and that convinced me to spend over $20.00 on buttons. After all, I was in G-Street Fabrics -- a place I longed to go for years. It was one of the best fabric buying experiences I've had.
So, my G-Street outfit is my next project. I decided on the blouse pictured. I'm going to make my typical slacks with the solid. The solid is best suited for the fall, so I'm using the fabric for a long sleeved blouse. I'm afraid the weather will be too warm for the outfit by the time I finish it. But there is always next fall. My current project is progressing nicely, so there is a chance I may finish this in time to wear it. If I weren't going away tomorrow, I would finish the current project and get started on this G Street outfit. But there is a bright side. We'll be in Baltimore and I hear Michael's Fabric is another great store to visit. Maybe, I'll find fabric for a summer outfit at Michael's.

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  1. I love that print! Can't wait to see your blouse from this. Love your blog.