Saturday, February 25, 2012

Changes in the Sewing Room

Chapter One:  Unplugged

I didn't know any better.  I thought I didn't need WiFi at home.  Being chained to my desktop computer didn't bother me.  I believed my only choice was to go through my cable provider if I wanted a wireless connection, and going through my cable provider would mean a higher monthly bill, right?  Who needed that?

I learned from my best friend, Denise and her son, Alex, I could buy a wireless router and set up WiFi in my home without the assistance of my cable provider.  Who knew?  So, that's what I did.   And here is how all this applies to my sewing.  While gathering the sleeves on a recent project, I remembered a technique for gathering I saw on "Sewing on Nancy".  I got my laptop (actually, my employer's laptop), went to Sewing with Nancy online and watched the segment right at my sewing machine!  Don'cha just love technology?    Unfortunately, I'll have to turn in my laptop at the end of the school year.  (Apparently, when you retire, the school district expects you to give back all of their stuff.)  I can't go back to being chained to my desktop.  But, as they say, "It's all good!"  With WiFi, I can now use my iPod Touch as something more than an expensive address book. I've been wanting an iPad for a long time and now I have even more reason to buy it!  It will be so easy and so much fun to watch sewing videos on my iPad right in my sewing room.

Chapter Two:  Making Concessions for Old Age

Old Woman Seated Sewing
Johannes van der Aack
Up until today, I've refused to accept I'm getting older.  True, in the morning it takes several more minutes before I can stand upright, but I blamed my mattress.  And my short term memory is ………uh……  I forgot the word I was going to use here.  But now, it's affecting my sewing and I can't ignore it any longer.

I used to store my patterns in a big wooden box on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. Having the visually heavy box on the bottom of the bookcase just looked better. But removing the box to access patterns was becoming more and more difficult.  I delayed putting patterns away to avoid lifting the box and carrying it to the cutting table, which was only about two steps away.  The only other option was to pull out the box and sit on the floor to access the patterns.  That presented a different problem – getting up!

I stopped fooling myself and moved the pattern drawer to a higher shelf.  I don't have to bend all the way down to the floor, lift the heavy drawer and carry it to the table.  Now, the process involves a smaller, less painful dip of the knees.  The maneuver is easier on my back, but harder on my ego.  I think I'd better start now thinking of ways to change things to accommodate the old woman who is catching up to me.

Chapter Three:  IKEA in the Sewing Room

IKEA is a wonderful place.  If they sold fabric, they'd be perfect.  (Oh wait … they DO sell fabric!)  I needed to replace the lamp that was mounted on my bookcase and used to light either the cutting table or the ironing board.  I went to IKEA and found the Kvart lamp.  (I just love those unpronounceable Swedish names!) The price was so reasonable, I bought two!   And, I like the look of two lamps snaking from the bookshelf in different directions.  It looks so …… IKEA!  After about two weeks of using the lamps, I decided to see if IKEA had a Kvart floor lamp for the sewing machine area .  They did!  Now each sewing task area has its own lamp!  And what sewing room can call itself a sewing room without a jar of buttons.  The Burken jar is perfect for buttons.  I bought two of those, too!  I wish everyone had an IKEA nearby.


  1. I well understand what you're saying - cause I'm pretty sure I'm older than you. We have to rely on the famous mantra - "make it work", as I see you've done with just minor adjustments. Love your sewing machine, it's my dream machine.

  2. Technology "is" great :) old age not so much :)

  3. You are amazing - so organized. Love all of the scissors. And you're collecting wisdom more than you're aging.

  4. First, are you really retiring?! As in not working anymore! I'm sooooooo jealous! Second, I understand about the lighting issue. My sewing room looks like an operating room I've installed so much light into it. And I love desktop is now in my sewing room but since it has a wireless card in it, it's not hooked to the FIOs, then there is my iPad (which you will love btw!), my iTouch and my android phone. One way or another there is a way to access the internet and sewing information.

  5. That old woman has been chasing me too, and even though I run like h---, she still catches up! So, you are retiring--good for you! You'll have fantastic new sewing room digs to play in. Best of luck!

  6. Great new changes in your sewing room. I wish I had an IKEA close, looks like fab finds for your sewing room.

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog!! You had me laughing. Congrats on your soon retirement.