Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finished: BWOF 11-2007-132A and BSM 08-200-11-138

The Outfit

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It seems like a long time since I've sewn a coordinating top and bottom.  I haven't been able to find coordinating pieces of fabrics when shopping.  The colors are quite a bit brighter than I'm used to wearing.  I hope I have the guts to wear it.

The Skirt:  BWOF 11-2007-132A

I like this skirt a lot, but it highlights a problem I'm having with Burda Magazine.  This skirt came from a 2007 issue – when it was called Burda World of Fashion.   I really don't have the space to store old Burdas. But I'm still finding things I want to make in older issues so I don't want to get rid of them either.  I've already given away 2005 and 2006 and I'm afraid to get rid of any more.  This issue was in the next batch to be disposed of.  How am I supposed declutter when my clutter is still useful?  I guess I'd better find some way to store them.

I'm trying to incorporate techniques into my sewing that increase the value of my garments.  Mismatched yoke seams at the zipper scream "home made" not "custom made".   This technique has its basis in Claire Shaeffer's "keying a zipper" technique.

I sewed one side of the zipper.  Then I closed the zipper and, on the unsewn side of the zipper, marked with basting the point where the zipper crossed the seam.

I matched the basting to the seam on the other side before sewing that side of the zipper.

When the other side was sewn, the seams matched nearly perfectly.

It was really just that easy!  I don't know why I never used this technique before.

The Blouse:  BSM 08-2011-138

Leave it to Burda to make things difficult.  Rather than faced or turned-under slits, Burda has bound slits!  Didn't I just say, not three or four paragraphs ago, I wanted to increase the value of my sewn garments?  Any old pattern company can have faced or turned-under slits.  Even though I seriously considered simplifying the slits, I went ahead and bound them the way Burda said I should.

This blouse has lots of gathering.  I used my new favorite method – pulling up the bobbin thread, pulling out enough bobbin and needle thread to cover the length of the gathered area and zigzagging over the threads.  This makes gathering easier because the threads are stable and secure.  I would have preferred more match points for attaching the neckband to the neckline.

If I'd made a muslin, I would have seen the sleeve bands could have been a little shorter so they fit tighter around my arm.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time.


  1. I love this outfit. The colours are gorgeous and I want to steal your top.

  2. very pretty outfit and a perfectly matched zipper. Thanks for the tip. Storing Burdas is a problem, I have thinned mine out but don't want to get rid of anymore.

  3. Gorgeous outfit. That is one amazing zipper. Maybe you have a new career awaiting you?

  4. Congrats on customizing your storage unit to make life easier for you. Personally, I would look at it slightly differently: age has given you the wisdom to see how you can change things so that they adapt to you, instead of adapting yourself to fit things the way they are.

    And, I love the colors in your blouse.

  5. Isabel's DaughterMarch 5, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    Nice job on both blouse and skirt. Adding new techniques is a worthy ambition. I try to do the same but don't always succeed.


  6. I like this combo. Great job with side zipper lining up.