Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finished: BPF FW–11–428

First things first … I owe 100% Polyester an apology.

Poly, I'm sorry I blamed you for the horrible way the collar and yoke looked when I used you to make version 1 of this blouse.  I said some hurtful things when I threw you in the trash.  Some of the fault may have been mine.  I made a mistake adding seam allowances.  Here is what the directions said about seam allowances:  "1.5 cm (5/8") at seams and edges, 1 cm (3/8") on horizontal edges of cut in front piece, on front bands, and on collar attachment seam, 2 cm (3/4") on hem etc, etc, etc."  My mistake was adding two different seam allowances: 3/8" on the collar piece and 5/8" on the blouse front and back yoke neckline edges.  So Poly, I was wrong.  I still prefer natural fibers and I still will avoid sewing you, but it wasn't all your fault.  

I realized my error when the collar of version 2 fit a poorly as version 1.  I checked my pattern pieces and there was a 5/8" seam allowance staring at me.  I trimmed away the excess seam allowance on the blouse, stay stitched and clipped the curves and the collar went on perfectly.  Of course, my itty-bitty mistake on the collar doesn't absolve Polyester of the yoke, but we won't go there.  Poly and I can both blame Burda Style Magazine for the poorly written instructions. Adding a little "s" to "collar attachment seam" might have made all the difference.

And now, on to the blouse ……

BPF FW-11-428
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It all started with that damn polyester. I fell in love the with color and I had to have it. I selected the blouse pattern because it was not what I would normally choose. I started out in love with the polyester fabric color and ended up in love with the blouse design when the poly didn't work out. After the poly was thrown out, I still had to have the blouse. So, I immediately went out to find an alternative fabric. (Thank heaven for JoMar.)

The front gathers and front band were a bit of a challenge.  I had to adjust the gathers to the length of the band, meet the gathered edges to the bottom of the slit, diagonally bast the gathers to the slit opening, then cover the gathers, inside and out, with the front bands.  Of course, the inside and outside bands are not exactly congruent and the inside is a little funky.  If I'd done more basting, it might have looked better.  And if that procedure wasn't enough of a pain, the instructions were written in typical Burda pidgin English and required several readings and visualizations before they made sense to me.

I'm ambivalent about the cuffs.  They were part of the reason I chose to sew this blouse, but I'm not sure I love them now.  If I ever make this blouse again, I'll make a more conventional cuff.


  1. Sorry the poly was such a pain but I really like the blouse on you.

  2. I agree,the blouse looks lovely on you. Bravo! But I also feel vindicated since I too stay away from polyester and prefer natural fibers.

  3. LOL!!Poor poly. The blouse is beautiful. I really like the cuffs.

  4. Despite the challenges I think it is really pretty. Love the pink. However I agree that it's more fun to sew with natural fibers.

  5. It's a great blouse! I love the way the gathers are placed. I wore a shirt to work today with these same cuffs and I think I'm going to take them off and cut them in half. I like the look but they're a pain in the neck to wear when you're trying to do things.

    1. I have the same concern about the cuffs! I think they will get in the way when I'm trying to write.

  6. Isabel's DaughterFebruary 18, 2012 at 3:06 PM

    The color and style both look great. I like the look of those cuffs, too, but they really aren't practical. Oh well, maybe if we were princesses???


  7. I don't know about this apologizing to polyester business -- at least I'm never going to! But your top turned out really well, even after all the tribulations. The cuffs look nice, but they might bother me when wearing it. The color is wonderful, and the style suits you very well!

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  9. I think your new tunic top looks really good and a lovely colour. I can see what you mean about the cuffs - they look good but might flop down . I often sew with polyester because that is what is available and I don`t really mind it but would prefer just cotton or silk or linen or at least a blend although those fabrics crease alot. Unfortunately those beautiful fibres are not readily available.