Thursday, August 11, 2011

Burda 8227: DD's Dress

Finally, I got to sew something for my daughter!  I sewed dresses for her when she was young and didn't have a choice.  It's been such a long time since I sewed anything for Lindsey that I didn't really remember why I stopped sewing for her.  But she asked me to make a few dresses for her and I was happy to do it.  It's nice to sew something that is a regular size for a change.

This dress also comes in a sleeveless version and in two lengths. It comes in sizes 10 - 24, so if we were into that sort of thing, my DD and I could have matching mother-daughter dresses. The instructions were straight-forward.  I used a sheer stay tape to stabilize the gathers in the front.   The fabric is a cotton batik.  Lindsey said the colors reminded her of a friend from India.  I wasn't sure cotton was the right choice for this dress, but with the broadcloth lining, it worked. The lining is actually an interlining – two layers of fabric treated as one – on the bodice.   I didn't have to make any design changes and fitting wasn't necessary.

While working on this dress, I remembered why I stopped sewing for Lindsey in the first place. She doesn't enjoy selecting patterns.  In fact, I went to the Burda website and pre-selected and printed out several options I thought she would like.   She's usually too busy to shop for fabric with me and trying on clothes for fitting is torture for both of us.  But while we were in North Carolina, we survived a visit to Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC where she selected two pieces and three patterns for future projects.

Bean and his proud Dad
And what were we doing in North Carolina?!?  We drove there to meet the newest member of the family –  my nephew, who has a perfectly good given name, but whom I lovingly call "Bean".  He also answers to "Love Buggy", "Pedro", "Prince" and "Asparagus"!  I guess I'll have to start sewing little boy clothes in the future!


  1. Great dress for your daughter, the colors are gorgeous. Congrats on the new nephew, he is a cutie. I was sewing on a skirt for me, thinking about you and wondering what you were sewing. Then I come to the computer and there is a blogpost!

  2. Love your daughter's dress. Actually, I think that style would look good on you. Your new nephew is adorable.


  3. Nice dress for your DD. And hi Bean. Cute baby.