Thursday, February 4, 2010

If You Make Navy Blue Pants …

Lori, of Girls in the Garden, made a very insightful comment on one of my recent blog posts.

Lori said...

Your pants look nice and the welt pocket is fantastic. I like the blouse, sorry you are not happy with it. Your story of wanting navy pants sounds a bit like the book "if you give a mouse a cookie"

Naturally, I loved the compliments on the welt pockets, especially from someone I respect and admire. But she was so right about giving the mouse a cookie I had to laugh!

I made navy blue pants. Then, I needed a blouse to go with the navy blue pants. The blouse I made (BPF SS-2009- 408A) didn't work out. So, I selected another pattern (BWOF 06-07-129).I really liked the fabric, so I ordered more. I didn't like sewing it the first time because it was 100% polyester and really hard to press. The second time was even less fun.
Yes, I could have tried to fix the problem, but I HATE alterations. It was easier to make a whole new blouse.

Fabric choice affected the final look of the blouse more than the pattern design. The print fabric obscures the blouse's design details. A side by side comparison of the two blouses revealed they are almost indistinguishable. I mean, really! I could barely tell the two blouses apart and I made them!

But, I got what a wanted in the first place – navy blue pants. The two nearly identical blouses were a bonus.


  1. Great job on the additional blouse. Enjoy your navy blue pants! Thanks for the compliment, too.

  2. I think that the biggest issue with the first blouse is that it has drop shoulders, and comparing this one to the second blouse, which is a bit more flattering, your shoulders look wider and more in proportion on the second one. The other thing, princess seams are always more flattering for a woman with curves, plus sized or not. It's a very nice blouse.

  3. I think the second one is more flattering.

  4. I like the second blouse better, too. It is more flattering and the cool details are not lost.

  5. Just keep the second one for a day when you have an oops food splatter or something. You won't have to change the pants since you have a spare top. I do this on my everyday clothing all the time(.ie keep a second matching top for my pants if they are not jeans).
    I love the clothing you always are stitching up and I am inspired that you make sets instead of pieces. I think that is a great idea. mssewcrazy

  6. I have to say I like princess seams on dresses and blouses. I think that style is flattering on most every individual.

    Charlottesville is suppose to get 2 ft of snow today/tomorrow.

  7. Jumping on the bandwagon, I also like the second blouse better. I love the print. Nice job!

  8. Lovely blouse. Thank you for your comment on my jacket.