Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two Old Maids

Some time ago, I bought fabric for a blouse and, for a reason I don't remember, I don't have fabric that coordinates with it. Then, I had lots of Italian wool left over when I made my dress. As a result, I have two old maid projects. I decided to use the Italian wool for a skirt and go forward with the blouse. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the skirt and blouse fabric went together? If the two fabrics went together better, I'd use a different pattern for the blouse and wear them together – no more Old Maids. But I never have that kind of luck. The batik for the blouse has too much green and not enough teal to go with the skirt fabric. I'll probably end up wearing the blouse around the house with jeans.

But, there is a bright side. There is a collar technique on the Insider Techniques DVD I just bought that I can try on this blouse. This technique eliminates the bulky seams at the front edges of the collar by moving the seam to the center back. Nancy Zeiman calls it the "Magic Collar". I'm thinking, "If it works on a collar, won't it also work on a collar band?" Old Maid projects are perfect or experimentation.

1 comment:

  1. OH that is too bad that the fabrics don't go together. On my computer monitor they are so pretty; but then that happens to me all the time, I hope something will work and it doesn't. That print is so pretty, it will be lovely with jeans too.