Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Threads Industry Insider Techniques DVD

I asked Santa for this DVD. Apparently I was a naughty little girl because Santa did not bring it to me. So I bought it for myself. Before I sat down to watch it, I decided how I would judge it. If I learned something new, I'd be happy. If I learned something I could actually use, I'd be thrilled. Well, I'm thrilled!

Louise Cutting is the "Industry Insider" on the DVD. I'd seen her on TV (Sew Much More, I think) and I liked the techniques she demonstrated. I intended to buy her booklets, but never did. I suspect the techniques demonstrated on this DVD (and on the 2nd volume) are the same ones in her booklets. I'm a visual learner and I prefer having the DVD.

The techniques demonstrated are
  • Fuse and Interface a Hem
  • Hem Sheers With Ease
  • Mold the Smoothest Darts
  • Draft & Sew a Perfect Collar
  • Miter an Asymmetrical Corner
  • Create Bulk Free Facings
  • Serge Quick French Seams
I saw Cutting demonstrate the collar technique and the french seams before. Everything else was new to me. I'm sure I'll use the dart techniques and the mitered corners in future garments. Since this is a DVD, the techniques are arranged in chapters and you can skip to the chapter you want to see. The camera work is very good. The close-ups allow you to see exactly what is being done.

I'm going to buy Industry Insider Techniques, Vol 2 also. I'm not even going to waste my time asking Santa.


  1. I also brought the CD. I thoroughly ended the DVD. I have watched it several times. It is a great resources for us visual learners.
    Joyce in NC

  2. Glad to hear you liked it. I'm thinking DVDs are worth a try.

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  4. I have been wondering about these. Nice to hear they are good. Thanks for posting.
    (I have Roberta Carr's DVD and truly enjoy it.)

  5. I have both DVD's. I learned so much from watching them. I hope that she does one that covers zippers and buttonholes.