Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BWOF 05/2006 130 Tunic & 133 Skirt

The tunic has long-sleeves with narrow cuffs. The front has a faced slit opening. I made a design change to the opening. I was going for a more dressy look so I changed the front closure from hooks and eyes to buttons an button loops. I went really wild (wink) and placed the buttons on both sides of the slit. Since the buttons were small, I made the loops really thin - made from 3/4" wide bias strips. Even use my smallest Fast Turn tube turner was too large for these loops. (I must have misplaced the smallest turner) I had to use a low tech tube turner with the fragile little hook and latch on the end.

May I say, with utmost humility, this is one of the best invisible zippers I've ever done? The secret was interfacing and basting. I've been sewing for most of my life. Interfacing the zipper area should be second nature for me. Practically every book I own recommends it. But it's a step I always neglect forget. Now that I've seen the results, I won't neglect this step again. Since I went to the trouble of interfacing the zipper area, I deciding basting wouldn't be a bad idea. After sewing the first side of the zipper with the machine, I basted the second side to insure the alignment of the waistband seams. I'm very happy with the way this zipper looks.

And if a beautifully installed invisible zipper and creative button loops weren't enough, I put hanging loops in the skirt. I saw these horizontal hanging loops in The Dressmakers Techniques Bible, a book I just purchased two weeks ago. The book is already worth the purchase price!

If I hadn't already posted my annual report, I would have included this outfit in the favorites. I'll probably start by wearing it to church on Sunday. This will probably be the last outfit I complete in 2008. I'm glad to end the year on a high note.

Parting shots (concept stolen from Summerset):

Tangi's first Christmas
The bottom of our Christmas tree is Tangi's playground. She's swatted off several ornaments and the beaded garland is best not mentioned!


  1. Very nice on you! I love this fabric--it's classy. And thanks for the reminder about interfacing the zipper. I always forget this too.

  2. Awww.... what a happy kitten! Our dogs are always interested in the jingle bell ornaments we put low on the tree for the nieces and nephew. I found my sheltie poking his nose at a jingly star the other day. ;-)

    I love the outfit!

  3. Very nice tunic. Your details are wonderful.

  4. Great outfit and I love the lefty-righty buttons on the tunic. Cute touch! I am almost relieved to read that someone who is as accomplished a sewer as you also forgets to interface invisible zippers. I forget almost everytime and finally realize when it's all sewed in with a distorted, wavy result. LOL.

    We also have a new kitten and she looks quite similar to yours although she has more white on her. And she has also had a ball with the Christmas tree ornaments. AND climbing the tree. So far, it has not toppled. LOL.

  5. I too like the lefty-righty buttons on the tunic! In the initial picture, I thought this was a dress versus a top and skirt so I'm really loving the look! Great job! And it is those small things like interfacing a seam that really elevates our level of sewing, isn't it! :)

  6. Lovely outfit. I really like your button treatment.

  7. Excellent button and zipper detail work! and I really like your label :)
    The outfit looks great!

  8. I always forget to interface the zipper, too - until right after I'm finished and then I remember! I love your alternating buttons and loops. It really makes the top something special.

    Tangi will calm down. Really, she will. But probably never around the Christmas tree. Ask how I know.

  9. The tunic looks terrific on you! Happy New Year!

  10. I know this is a late comment... but I wanted to tell you that I agree, "The Dressmakers Techniques Bible" is really good. I have it! Only mine is in Spanish, I bought it in a bookshop here in Santiago, Chile. Sewing is NOT a popular hobby here, and sewing books and resources are almost non-existent. I saw the book in a little bookstore and just had to buy it. It's my only sewing book in Spanish.