Friday, December 12, 2008

Annual Report

I love Lindsay T's idea of an annual review. It really is a good idea to look back and evaluate projects.

Garments Sewn: I completed 32 garments in 2008. I'm really surprised I was so productive. I sewed more blouses and pants than anything, but my work wardrobe is blouses and pants.

Pattern Companies: No surprise here. I'm still hopelessly devoted to BWOF and Burda Plus Fashion (BPF). I can't say I will try to use different companies because I'm satisfied with BWOF and BPF.
My Favorite Projects: It seems like green was my color in 2008.

Parade of Dogs: Most dogs were deemed so because they didn't fit or they were unflattering. Considering the number of garments I completed, I had relatively few dogs.

  • Partially lined jacket with Hong Kong finish on exposed seam allowances.
Goals for 2009:
  • Make a tailored suit
  • Finish the quilt (maybe - I'm not going to stress about it)
  • Take some classes to improve and broaden my skills
  • Sew a coordinated mini-wardrobe


  1. This is a great idea! I will try and do something similar to this next week!

  2. What is it about the green wrap dress in your "Parade of Dogs" that you don't like? Is it the colour? My only comment is perhaps it would look better with 3/4 sleeves, other than that I think it looks lovely on you, a very flattering shape.

  3. Hah! You crack me up with your "Parade of Dogs." I hope other sewing bloggers think about doing this because it's really interesting to read, right?

  4. Very interesting! You're, so few dogs, relative to the number of garments sewn isn't too bad. I still like the green dress on you, too, even though you've given it dog status. I do realize that you're the one who has to wear it and be comfortable!

  5. Love to see these graphs (and did this myself too). And I won't be sewing less BWOF either, just great patterns.

  6. This AM I am catching up on reading blogs. All week I have been saying to myself I need to go back and see what sewing goals I wrote about and what did I accomplish. Here you are writing about the same. Have not read Lindsay's yet but both you and she have been mentioned in others' blogs this AM. I still like one of your "dog" creations but the wearer has the final say. I like the graphs and need to figure out how to do that.

  7. Well done! Now to the dogs - you are too harsh. I like the orange dress - maybe I would take it up a couple of inches. The green dress is lovely - maybe take the sleeves off and wear with a black cardigan? And the white dress - well yes the bust, but howabout turning it into a skirt? And we won't mention the pants (lol). You have really achieved a lot.

  8. Dear Elaray: As previously stated, this is an excellent idea. I love the pie chart and everything. Maybe this time next year, I'll be able to do the same or similiar.

    This is also encouraging because it gives me (and hopefully other fellow bloggers) something to look forward to in possibly setting a personal goal. :-)