Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Quilt

I finally did it. I started a quilt – even though I believe sewers and quilters are two different species and I am definitely the sewing species. I think Amy's Lotus Brick Path Quilt is a good first project for me. There are no corners to match - just rows of offset rectangles. My plan is to work on it between my other projects (including Christmas gifts), so it will probably take several months to finish this quilt.

Already, I've had problems. According to the nice people in the store, I only needed two packs of fat quarters to complete the quilt. I'm convinced the store's display quilt was smaller than the quilt made from the instructions on the Amy Butler website. I was supposed to be able to cut four 4 1/2" strips from each fat quarter. Problem #1: many of the fat quarters in the coordinated packs I bought were cut short so I'm only getting six rectangles instead of eight. Problem #2 is an extension of the first problem. As a garment sewer, I prewash most of the fabrics before I cut them. So naturally I prewashed the fat quarters I bought. I lost up to 1/2 inch more on many of the fat quarters (that were already too short) when they raveled in the washer. So far, I'm not a big fan of quilting!

Problem #3: I am not good at coordinating fabrics; especially finding prints that look good together. If it weren't for the coordinated fat quarter packs I probably never would had started this train wreck project. Even so, the more I work with these fabrics, the less I like them.

Problem #4: I have absolutely the wrong attitude about this quilt. I feel like the child who makes a face and spits out the Brussels' sprouts after taking the smallest taste. I'm convinced I won't like quilting even before I start.

And, if the four problems mentioned above were not enough to derail this quilt, here is another reason why my quilt might never get finished!

The universe is clearly not with me on this one.


  1. Aww, love the playful kitty pictures.

    This is why I abandoned quilting. Too much precision involved in cutting and sewing. Fashion sewing can be more forgiving and it's easier to fix errors.

    Still, when I get my Keepsake Quilting catalog and I see those fabulous pre-cut blocks and strips, I do get tempted….

  2. What a cute kitty! Well, at least you gave it a try - no harm done there.

  3. I love the fabrics that you've chosen for this project. I, too, also prewash my quilt fabrics, but the AB quilts are not designed for prewashed fabric. It doesn't matter whether you do, or don't, as long as it's the same on all pieces for the quilt. That being said, keep it up. I think you will love it after you are finished. And you don't need to pay someone to quilt it for you. It is very easy to stitch horizontal lines across your quilt using a walking foot. Just make sure to pin or baste everything together about every 2-3 inches apart. Your little sewing helper is adorable.

  4. Such a "cute" cat :)
    A few years ago I thought I'd try quilting too, I now have 3 unfinished quilts in various stages. I love the fabric so I Know I "will" finish then one day :) I'm sure you will too :))