Monday, June 16, 2014

OCD Sewer's Tip #1

I like to make pattern-fabric assignments as soon as I get the fabric in the sewing room.   But it can take many weeks, if not months, for me to get around to actually sewing the fabric.  So I had to come up with a way to remind me what pattern has been assigned to which fabric.  Enter Avery labels!

I print the pattern information and line drawing on Avery labels and stick the label to the fabric.

What could be easier!  Yes, I could stick just the pattern number on the fabric, but the technical drawing provides information and inspiration.  Two months from now, I won't remember that V8792 is a t-shirt with diagonal seams. If the picture is on the label, that won't be a problem.  I can also prioritize using the labels.  It's easier to decide what blouse I want to make by just looking at the technical drawings and fabrics together.


  1. Woah, you've just taken pattern and fabric stashing to a whole other level! My mind is blown!

  2. Your Sewing Tip has just revolutionized my way of organizing my stash. Having something in mind is one thing, but actually using labels, makes the decision definite. Usually, by the time I get my fabric, I've forgotten what I wanted to do with it. Tagging it immediately with the pattern is a wonderful idea! Your idea takes the guesswork out of random sewing. I could stay on track and be a more productive sewist. One blogger wrote she chooses the pattern first, then buys the fabric, that way she never has a large stash. I'm working toward that, but it the mean time, I'm going with this idea. Thanks so much for this tip!

  3. That is an amazing tip, you are so organized

  4. Fantastic idea! I don't have one of those gizmos but I could do a quick sketch.... Thanks~

  5. This is quite an amazing idea. Amazing. Thank you. K

  6. Isabel's DaughterJune 17, 2014 at 12:30 PM


    I think you need to come to my house and oversee the reorganization of the stash. And show me how to do that thing with the label. Great idea!