Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finished: BSM 08-13-137

New Rule:  When looking for Burda Style Magazine patterns to sew, I should focus on current issues. 

What's the point of subscribing to a monthly, fashion forward pattern magazine if I'm sewing patterns from years ago?  I wanted a classic long sleeved blouse and I almost used a pattern from 2008. I looked through my index, refusing to look at anything before 2012 and found three or four suitable options, including 08-13-137.

Pattern Sizing: European plus size 44 - 52

Construction:  The most interesting aspect of this blouse was the sleeve construction.  The sleeve appears as set-in, but it is attached as if it were a raglan sleeve.  I didn't make that connection when I first read the instructions. I realized the similarity when I was well into the process of attaching the sleeve.   

First, the side seams, but not the shoulder seams, were sewn.    

Then the sleeve was attached to the armhole. 

Finally, the shoulder and upper sleeve seams were sewn in a continuous seam.

(The diagrams above are from  a different blouse in the September 2013 issue of BSM, not my blouse from the August issue. Just imagine the result being a set-in sleeve.)

I used to be so intimidated and annoyed by Burda instructions. But I was able to attach the sleeves without the benefit of the illustrated instructions. Sewers might be put off by Burda magazine's instructions, but one really does get used the them as you sew them more.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I liked the dart placement on this blouse.  I also like the way the sleeves are finished.  Most of my long sleeved blouses have cuffs.  

Fabric Used:
I really don't know what this fabric is.  I don't even remember when and where I bought it, although I think I may have bought it in San Fransciso during PR weekend.  This fabric behaves like challis.  It's soft and drapey and wrinkles a lot.

I can't imagine making a muslin for every garment I sew, but I see the advantages.  If I think of this blouse as a muslin, there are some changes I would make if I make this blouse again.  The sleeves are a little too long and the blouse is a little looser than I expected.  For my casual, semi-retired life life, this blouse is just fine.


  1. I looked at this pattern and figured I'd add some shaping and front darts and since I always shorten the sleeves I'd do that. The blouse is perfect for transition weather. Nice color on you.

  2. Nice narrative/review :-). I've always wondered but kept forgetting to ask you: how do you get those designs (your first example). Is that a screen shot from somewhere? I've seen them many times on your blog. :-). Thanks! :-)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It's too long a process to explain here. Send your email to Elaray2003@gmail.com and I'll send you an explanation.

  3. Nice blouse on you. It's good to see your smiling face on your photos. Like Wannasew, I'll email you for the details on the screen shots.

  4. What a pretty blouse. Could you please tell me what issue the pattern is in? Thank you.