Monday, July 22, 2013

Mother of the Bride Dress

My daughter is not the only one who has to look beautiful at her wedding.  I have to look presentable, at least!  Of course, all eyes will be on her, but when the new in-laws are asking, "Who is the mother?", I want them to respond with "Ohhh!" not "Ewww!"  It's time to think about my own dress.

I.  Fabric:

This is a poly satin I bought at B&J Fabrics in New York.  Lindsey's colors changed slightly since I was looking for MOB fabric during PR Weekend in San Francisco.  I wanted either satin or silk shantung.  This particular satin won because of the color. 

II.  Pattern Options:

  1. BSM 09-09-138   I sewed this pattern for the wedding of a good friend's daughter last fall.  It's already traced and ready to go.  That's a major advantage when crunch time approaches and I have tons of things to do.
  2. BSM 07-12-139   I chose this dress for the collar treatment.  I think it will make up nicely in satin.
  3. BSM 02-13-140  I like the sleeves on this dress. They dress up an otherwise plain silhouette.  
  4. BPF SS-10-427  This is another dress I've already made so it's just waiting to be sewn.
I have so much respect and awe for the sewing mothers of brides I've encountered online!  Katherine at I Made This sewed a wedding dress for her daughter and although I've never met her in person, her blog posts will be helpful and inspiring.  Connie of Couturesmith and Annette of FabriCate & Mira are my proof that a mother can sew her daughter's wedding dress and live to tell about it.  Both are real life sewing buddies and have generously offered to hold my hand and help me through this adventure (if only through e-mails and phone calls since they live so far away from me).

In order for the bride and her mom to be well dressed,  careful planning and time management are mandatory. The wedding is in April 2014.  It sounds so far away now, but I know it will come sooner than I think. 


  1. Connie has certainly sewn enough bridal gowns to be a great help! I like all of your choices for dresses except 2-13-140. I don't know how much your fabric drapes or it's weight, but if it's at all heavy the sleeves and neckline will be bulky. I have always loved the lines of that last dress. How's the wedding dress coming? Are you making another muslin?

  2. I love your fabric and good luck picking a pattern and getting it all done.

  3. All dresses are good choices and I love the colour of the swatch.

  4. Oh, what a beautiful color. Any of the patterns look like great choices. You will look great.

  5. I great choice of dresses. Can I just warn you about one thing concerning the last dress in your selection: I traced it when it first came out, in my usual size as always - and found that it was way, way too tight. There was no chance to pattern fit it anywhere around my body. So maybe just something to keep in mind that it seems to run quite small.